How Self-Care & Healing via Human Design Saved My Life! (Pt 4)

"Love isn't merely chemistry or illusion. Understanding our Human Design allows us to cultivate a healthier relationship with love, connecting authentically." -Ra Uru Hu

And the last part-the finale! of this series, How Self-Care & Healing via Human Design Saved My Life! If you have made it thus far, I want to personally thank you for being on this journey with me💖

(If you would like to catch up from the beginning, you can read part 1 here, part 2 here, and part 3 here!)

Your willingness to explore, contemplate your own experience while reading this series, will 100% benefit you no doubt! That is why I share (due to my collective circuitry, personal view and overall design), in hopes whoever resonates with this material, content, and wisdom can gain something in return.

That there is a sense of togetherness, relatability, and inspiration to keep living as your true self. And to surrender the homogenization of the conditioning world as best we all can.

Okay, so this is probably my favorite part of this series!! The deconditioning process and seeing the previous seeds planted begin to sprout🌱 Make sure you read to the very end, as I have something very special for you! 🤩

Deconditioning Through Human Design

If you are new to Human Design, you may be wondering, what is deconditioning? Well, I am glad you asked! Deconditioning is the process we undergo as we begin to live our design and experiment with it.

We look at our chart and see where we are vulnerable. Meaning, our undefined and open centers (those will be the white centers), then if we have splits, THEN… for the real HD nerds out here… the dream rave! (Stay tuned to learn more about the whole other dimension and conditioning element the dream rave has on us!!)

So, for example, I have 6 undefined and open centers in my chart. As a Mental Projector I have definition in my crown, ajna, and throat. Then below I am vulnerable to other people’s energies of how I am taking in and amplifying what and who is around me.

(To learn more about how to decondition from your undefined/open click here!)

Creative Certification Process

When we last left off, I mentioned how I was invited to start the certification process of going into Human Design, from Raquel Reyna who has a Human Design Creative Coaching Course.

As a projector, this has been a theme for me in my expertise and mastery to receive the invitation of what I am here to master in terms of certain systems. I gladly accepted as I was in a couple other coaching spaces to help boost my career.

Remember how I mentioned in part 2 and 3 about the strategy of the invitation following me in a lot of areas of my life? Sometimes I accept, and other times I don’t. It’s all about trusting your inner authority AND what it is here to teach you.

Sidenote: An invitation you agree to as you follow your authority, may not produce the desired results you were intending for, but it 100% delivers you the necessary tools/lessons you needed.

That’s how the universe works. It gives you the ingredients and embodiment of what you need FIRST, before the manifested result-if it truly serves you.

Eclipse of the Heart

As I was starting level 1 in Human Design, I was being coached by two other projector women to scale my business. I thought, they are projectors, they totally know Human Design and how to do business. This will give me the results I am wanting to create!

Well boy was I wrong! I want to add that I learned A LOT from these women and the spaces they held, and I am very grateful for what was planted in those containers. AND… Ra said it takes 7 years for a projector to master a system for a reason as well as going through the deconditioning process.

How I was being coached was just not helping me in terms of my business goals. I was so burnt out all the time. Being a Mental Projector, we have no motors.

Energy Projectors have at least one motor, so while they are still non-energy types with an undefined sacral, they get a little bit of help with their defined motor(s) center.

Long story short, I let go of these coaches AND my then therapist. It was back, to back, to back at once. It was abrupt and sudden endings, very much like an eclipse portal.

(If you are unfamiliar with what an eclipse is, check out this article here and see how to navigate through it based your type!)

I didn’t know it at the time, but I was being initiated into living my design as I was just starting the certification process!

The Magic of Human Design School

The next 3 or so years I took class, after class, after class and certification under Raquel. I got certified through all 4 levels in Human Design and BG5 knowledge (that’s Human Design in business), manifestation principles by design, the dream rave, composite chart and partnership (when you put two charts together), and just ended the 4 radical transformations (which is the PHS-primary health system).

Transformational coaching spaces provide something way deeper on a healing level than I have ever experienced versus going to therapy. I see the value in each and whatever your strategy and authority guide you to, you will receive what you need from that experience.

Before I found Human Design I didn’t know when enough was enough (undefined sacral and open ego), and that was in various areas of my life. When I started learning about each center and how they applied to me something magical happened.

This information and intel sparks something inside of our DNA. It is a living transmission that unconsciously shifts you into your correctness, if you so decide to take it on.

I healed overeating and have the best relationship I’ve had with food in my life. That was just the beginning! Being able to share, show up raw and vulnerable, and hear everyone else’s experience as they were relating about their design… it was/is THE BEST way to learn and live Human Design, IMO.

Going, Going, Back, Back To, Cali, Cali

In part 1, you may remember me mention that I had moved to Austin, TX to make a fresh new start. I swore that I would never return to my hometown let alone live there. Well, sometimes the universe laughs at us and shows where we get to heal for our own benefit. Whether our ego likes it or not.

In 2022, I was in Raquel’s Manifestation course. I was convinced that this would help me skyrocket into the successful entrepreneur I was destined to be. At the time I felt like I was barely keeping afloat with my expenses and what I was putting out in my business.

My conditioning was very much if I wanted something to happen it was up to me, even if it was overwhelming and energetically overloading my system. During one of her classes, she guided us through an exercise and asked us what our soul’s wanted to manifest.

What is the Soul?

So, the ego and soul are very different. The soul is not caught up in the materialism. But more so purpose, healing, and what is connected around our heart wounding. It has infinite wisdom and is a calm knowing. Have you ever connected with your soul and experienced this?

At least, that is what my experience has been. It does not live or identify with scarcity; it knows what we need to do and focus on in order to allow in a new reality. For the highest good involved. (Also, according to my predominantly right arrows variable).

I was shocked to see what came through when I did this exercise. My soul told me I wanted to manifest healing with my family. Ego did not like this answer. Haha, my ego was very much convinced that I didn’t need my family to make my dreams come true. That they were the reason for all this blame I had conjured up.

I was also getting invited to move back home, probably the second I moved to Austin. I resisted as long and much as I could. Before making a choice I really sat with this invitation, weighed out the pros and cons, followed my authority protocol, and trusted in the unknown of this “scary” possibility.

Family Human Design: The Penta

In August 2022, I surrender to my inner authority and moved back home. This initiated a whole level of healing I had no idea I was in store for. Being away for almost 5 years definitely gave me the space and alone time I needed to find myself again. As well as initiate my spiritual awakening.

I had looked up my family’s charts, knew their design, and started using this information in my healing. So many things made sense and it helped with the understanding and forgiving process.

Never in a million years would I have guessed or chose to live with my family again. But I was trusting the process. Oh gate 3… how you make me grow with new things! It was definitely a VERY difficult beginning to say the least.

I had changed in so many ways, and also was being shown where I was yet to be free, to accept, and go within deeper. What is the saying, “if you think you’ve healed or awaken go stay with your family for a week.” Well, this was more than a week!

Knowing my design and my family’s helped through the triggering parts as I saw them again every day, day after day compared to maybe a couple times a year-if that- when I lived in Austin.

Lost in the Family

When we have 3 or more people in a group, the aura mechanics change and create a penta.

In a penta, the individual is lost and only 6 channels are recognized to carry out the materialistic purposes surrounded around those channels that involve the Throat, G Center, and the Sacral. So, being a projector and trying to guide my family from a very young age and not being recognized for my insight caused a lot of bitterness to say the least!

(To learn more about the penta click here!)

Both my parents were/are energy types. It was very much about doing, and being a slave to what they were doing. Which caused a lot of frustration and anger.

Prior to moving back home, I hadn’t talked to my brother in almost 2 years! We had a tumultuous past. I was an overbearing worrying older sister, and he was a rebellious younger child to make a very long and dramatic story short and sweet.

My parents, both with innocence motivation, were pretty aloof in certain areas of our lives when we were growing up. My brother and I both have a 5-4 (also known as not in a relationship anymore) definition in our composite chart.

(To learn more about the dynamics about composite charts click here!)

Having this much space between the both of us, without other people or things to bring us together, it is extremely challenging for us to maintain a relationship. It really is aura mechanics! He is also a Mental Projector like me!

I had the same configuration with my dad, the 5-4 dynamic. It helped me so much understand our challenges and all the perceived wounding I experienced with the both of them.

Healing by Design

Being back home was a further initiating process to my ultimate healing. My ego was not thrilled. I was going deeper and deeper into my Human Design studies with the different levels and courses.

Sharing in Raquel’s spaces and her shamanic channel (the 25/51) was the medicine my heart and soul ultimately needed.

Both my mom and brother have the hanging gate 60. The gate 60 is all about resisting change and seeing what is really worth change. Gate 3 is like, c’mon let’s go! This has been our dynamic throughout our relationship and I think our karma together.

I put the idea out there that my mom find a therapist or something that help deal with her stress. At the time, she was caring for my ailing grandmother, on top of managing all her expenses. It was a lot for her and her having the channel of preservation (50/27), she has always had the natural push and energy to take care of her tribe. (This is also where she compromises me, which is my personality sun! Yes, karma with your family absolutely shows up in your Human Design. You just gotta look!)

She found a nearby meditation center that seemed to have a specific method they guide their clients through. A few months in I started to see a shift and I was extremely grateful!

I, on the other hand, was still struggling in certain areas with anxiety and worry. Hello strategy again! My mom invited me to check out the meditation. I said, sure why not? I am a great meditator and have healed a bunch! Oh, what a humbling experience…

Path to Enlightenment

This method and strategy was unlike anything I have ever experienced before. In almost everything we invest in it is something we are looking to gain and take in. Well, this process is all about letting go and elimination.

(If you would like to learn more about this meditation method, click here and tell them I sent you 😉)

It was awakening! I was shown, and continue to be shown, that all my justification in my hurt and pain was from a false lens. Yes, it happened and it may have absolutely hurt at the time. But, without shifting my perspective and seeing all the other variables… that’s what kept me stuck.

Living your design, I believe you will attract other modalities and tools to help you heal. So you can realize your full potential in your life purpose and path aka your incarnation cross.

Integrating both my design and this new meditation method has radically transformed my life and healed my relationships. I have the best relationship I’ve had with my brother since we were young kids. We recently got a puppy and though it has been severely challenging, it has given us something to bond over.

Respect has blossomed and given a beautiful space to be our authentic selves. Without these tools, I would not have the blessing to have healed with my family.

Soul Manifesting

Why do you think we want most things in life? What is the void it is trying to fill? What do you truly want in life?

If it is money, if it is materialism, if it is some sort of accolade- all of those are fleeting and have a very short expiration date. But relationships, family healing, your connection to self… that is everlasting.

What my path has shown me up till now is the power of unconditional love and acceptance provides. The power of possibilities when we detach from what we think will give us happiness. And that wholeness and eternal happiness comes within.

Without Raquel’s initiation and what I have learned from her, I wouldn’t be living as the projector I get to today. I have the gift to understand my family on such a deep level. Even though my brother doesn’t practice his design, by my recognition of him as a projector has initiated him.

We can use this knowledge to serve everyone around us. Even if they are not into it, we can still hold that space and know their true essence. Not what we think or want them to be. The mind will fight and say what’s in it for me?!

A life of miracles and healing!! That’s what! So, surrender what you think will make you happy and look deep inside my love.

The path to enlightenment has shown me how to be a better person, to be in co-creation better, and a life of freedom.


Today I am filled with so much gratitude. I have the least materialistic possessions I have ever had! So much wisdom has been illuminated to me through my path and dear one, this is why I want to share this beautiful gift to you.

I am grateful I get to live my life as a projector. Most people have yet to truly live their design and experience their theme. I am grateful I get to love people correctly as I know their design and not project an expectation on to them.

Success has always been a driving force for me and financial independence was something I was very much focused on. But my story had so much more in store for me. I would give up all the money and material possessions to experience what I get to today.

There was a time I didn’t know if I would ever talk to my brother again. There was deep pain and distorted thinking. Thank you, universe, for showing me the Truth and Human Design for allowing this process.

This is why I am so passionate to share this information with you, my divine fractal! Because I know the power, the miracles, and transformation it provides. So, what’s next? Does it just end here?

Aligned Living by Design

My strategy and beautiful unfolding have brought me here to share with you what is possible when we go through the process of self-care and deconditioning through our Human Design.

We need healthy habits, powerful healing tools, and a blueprint of who we uniquely are to completely awaken and live our highest potential. Heal karma of the past and step into the full blessings of what life has to offer us.

Now, I am inviting you dear one to take this a step further and live your own aligned living by design. I will be launching a 6-month program (over zoom) that will be primarily based 1:1 guidance of upleveling self-care, healthy habits, living according to your Human Design and PHS (primary health system), and offering a monthly group meet-up.

I will also be hosting a FREE Masterclass May 14th @ 5pm Pacific Time via zoom.

(All information listed here, click to learn more, and how to sign up!)

If you have any questions, you can also email me at: [email protected] or book a free consultation here!

It is an honor to share this journey with you! I love to hear you positive feedback and your story! Make sure you leave your comments below! xoxo

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  1. As a fellow projector, I can definitely relate to all of this. I have had a tendency to “go go go” and be a “boss babe” and think that HUSTLING would get me further along in my entrepreneurship endeavors. No, quite the opposite. It has left me burnt out, and taking rejection personally. I see how human design has supported me… REST. And wait for the invitation!

    1. It is so true for our aura type! I love how you are taking on the experiment and loving yourself with rest! So powerful! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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