“Lauren is very knowledgeable in her gifts. I knew a lot about human design already, and she provided more context and details that I had known before. She is a phenomenal teacher and coach.”
Crista Marie Miller
Spiritual Life Coach
“Working with Lauren is life changing! She has so many gifts to share and is so gentle in showing you the way through your blocks and limitations. One major experience I had was when she pointed out that I was leaving myself out of the story. The story of my life. I made myself invisible. She was right and as soon as I wrote myself into the narrative of my life – my life took off into a grand and unimaginable adventure. I literally became a published author days later after years of struggling and the doors of possibilities are continuing to open.”
Donna Jane Sirlin
Wellness Influencer
“I had the incredible privilege of working with Lauren as my Human Design coach, and I can’t express enough how transformative and eye-opening the experience was. Through our sessions, Lauren focused on reading my Dream Rave that describes mechanically how we are most deeply conditioned while we sleep. This perspective was a game-changer for me. Lauren’s laser focused approach on how we are conditioned for our dreams was mind-blowing! She skillfully unraveled the layers of conditioning that had shaped my beliefs and behaviors, helping me gain clarity about my authentic self and purpose. I now have a deeper understanding of myself, my strengths, and my challenges. But what truly sets Lauren apart is her heart of gold. She’s not just a coach; she’s your personal cheerleader, therapist, and confidant all rolled into one. She creates a nurturing and safe space where you can explore your innermost thoughts and feelings, all while providing practical strategies to help you break free from the chains of conditioning. I highly recommend Lauren to anyone seeking clarity and decondition your beliefs about yourself, then you absolutely must work with Lauren. She’s not just a coach; she’s a catalyst for positive change, and I am immensely grateful for the transformational experience she has provided me. Her guidance and support has had a profound impact on my life, I feel bless and honored to her in my life. I love you so much amiga!”
Zoila Prana
Energy Healer & Facilitator
“I can not speak highly enough about the human design reading I recently received from Lauren Wenzell for my business. The insights gained were nothing short of astonishing, and I’ve noticed an incredible shift in my own energy and confidence since learning about my design. From the moment the session began, I was captivated by Lauren’s passion, depth, and knowledge she had for human design. She spent so much time with me and my staff carefully explaining our charts and answering all of our questions. She provided us with a comprehensive understanding of our individual design, highlighting our strengths, talents and weaknesses, and how we relate with one another within the business. This newfound self-awareness has given me a whole new level of clarity as to how I operate within my business, and I’ve gained a deeper understanding of how to align my business with my true nature. I’m excited to incorporate this knowledge into all aspects of my yoga studio and I look forward to watching all of us grow and flourish. A heartfelt thank you to Lauren for her expertise and guidance. Her insights have been invaluable, and I’m grateful for the positive impact it has made on both my business and personal growth.”
Dani Ibarra
Studio Owner of Yoga Yoga
“I happened to stumble upon Lauren in a Facebook group when she was doing her card pulls and found what she told me to be spot on so I joined her Facebook page so I could learn more. I am so thankful and grateful that I did! I first started off in the “Recircuit Your Mind” container and then a container that discussed “Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.” With those, also came 1 on 1 sessions. I’ve never been one to do any kind of 1 on 1 sessions before. I liked to only rely on myself to work through the issues I was dealing with. However, I knew after my first session with Lauren that this was probably one of the best decisions I could have made for myself! I was really struggling with a lot of things at home. I was internalizing and taking the blame for things that I learned weren’t my fault and I didn’t need to take blame for. I didn’t realize how much I had slipped into the people pleasing programming and in doing so, I was turning into a really down person that never did anything for herself. Through my sessions with Lauren, I started to learn about how the things that happened to me when I was a child (even though it may or may not have been a big deal at the time), have carried on and affected how I approached situations as an adult. I let people walk all over. I let myself become a doormat, all because I wanted to make everyone else happy and completely forgetting about making myself happy. I learned about my human design and it really helped to clarify a lot of things. I realized that I was really working against what I was designed to do and how I was designed to do it. During the one-on-one sessions, we were also fortunate to have a few past life regression meditations and I learned that there were some things I have been still holding onto from previous lifetimes that were still affecting me today. The more I learned about myself, the more I really started to feel “free” and more like I was on the right path. Lauren made each of our sessions feel so comfortable when we spoke. I found myself admitting and telling her things that I have really kept buried deep inside and to some extent, felt ashamed of how I was feeling. Through tears and laughs, Lauren really made me feel like I had a safe space to truly express what I was thinking and feeling in a place where I wouldn’t be judged or ridiculed in any way. I feel like since I met her 7 months (or so) ago, I’m really starting to make the positive changes to become the person that I want to be and the person I was designed to be. The initial part of trying to get to the bottom of things was definitely difficult and challenging, but the support I got from her was amazing. If I ever started to find myself struggling with the difficult things going on in my life, she was always quick to respond to help me work through it. I can’t sing her praises enough and I am so excited to continue on my journey of growing into the empowered person that I know I am meant to be! I would highly recommend her to anyone who is willing to work on bettering themselves!”
"Lauren Wenzell It was amazing and loved the safe space provided for us to share our experiences in vulnerability state and to have a different perspective on how we deal with the situation. I also never knew you were trained to speak in TED Talk. Love that! The acronym of P.E.A.C.E. …yes!! The meaning behind it and the FREEDOM makes sense! I’ll take that term with me to remember that! Loved all the participation in the group. I felt the love and the peace in the group! "The meditation and the 7x Q: What do you want? whoo weee….that’s the light bulb in itself!!! The meditation was so beautiful!! I went deeper than I’ve had with other guided meditation. TY so much Lauren! It was lovely to meet the other ladies too!! Much love!”
Didi Lau
The Peace & Freedom Activation Event
“I have the pleasure of knowing Lauren Wenzell – an intuitive energy healer and also benefit from her sessions. They are powerful and addictive. To say the least… !! Lauren is a naturally gifted energy healer. There are many people who would claim they are, but as an energy reader, I am usually with a bitter taste on my tongue after a few min of a conversation and I never end up booking any energetic work with them, In fact, I strongly avoid it! With Lauren, the experience is different! You feel as you’re flying in the cosmic space, clearing karmic attachments and opening new horizons. Every time, I’m in contact with you I feel more open and healed. Thank you for spreading your beautiful energy! You’re amazing Lauren! I want to extend a public THANK YOU for sharing so much information about my Human Design Aura. I am barely touching the surface of undressing it, and I am already fascinated. Your coaching is amazing!!”
Irina Koundelova
Life & Career Coach
“Lauren is so patient, loving, wise, and intuitive. She helped me face, work through, and begin a powerful healing process regarding some incredibly sensitive and challenging childhood traumas. Things I never had the courage to face and work through before. I am so grateful for her honesty, insights, and wisdom. I feel lighter, like I have more freedom and personal power, and my creative energies and talents have been unlocked and exponentially released! I am so grateful for her and the gift of her healing work she is offering to the planet.”
Sefirah Duncan
“I love the readings I receive from Lauren Wenzell! The many times she has read cards to support the steps in my growth, she was able to laser in on what was beneath the surface and give me clear guidance. She always give me a nugget I had not considered. I trust her natural gifts completely.”
Tina Karagulian
Black Rose Arts & Press
“I invested in the package of tuning into my gifts and human design. I saw an incredible change in my life from the moment I decided to work with Lauren. She is so gifted and her love for what she does really reflects on her work. I was going through a turning point in my life and my path became clearer with every session. I am forever grateful for what Lauren has done in my life!”
Magdeli Denova
“I have been working with Lauren for the last three weeks. We resonated from the beginning. She told me all about my energy centers, human design profile, and aspects of my soul from the past and present. It explained so many things that were happening in my life that never made sense. The work in between coaching is helpful and healing. Her encouragement and reminders to follow my intuition have helped me to get much clearer on my path and even to find a business name! Her encouragement is empowering and focus on action steps, intuition, and channeled guidance is a beautiful blend that has helped, and will continue to help, me move forward on my journey. Thank you so much! .. I just finished the Thrive on Purpose program with Lauren. I have a huge amount of gratitude for everything I learned. The manifestation challenge was very powerful and I manifested a 14% raise at work. I got new clients coming and was on a podcast that Lauren shared here. My goal has been to move to Austin in March. I was able to manifest a free flight and a way to move there in November instead! I don’t have to pay anything to break the lease and am going to be able to work remotely until I’m ready to do the business full-time! Finding my motivation, inner energy, and soul gifts and working with forgiveness and manifestation and releasing things has truly opened me up to manifest and receive more.”
Leena Solusar
Cathedral of the Phoenix
“I’ve been a part of this amazing group for just a few months and still haven’t properly introduced myself. I’m realizing today it’s because my heart was closed and afraid to make connection. It didn’t feel safe. I finally feel safe and am ready to receive. My name is Kellie. I’m 39 and am the mother of three amazing boys. I’ve been on this journey since 2015. So happens that it started the year I turned 33. I was raised in a religion that was very strict. It taught that this was truth and that all others were evil and we were gods chosen people. This didn’t sit well with me. I saw much good in all denominations and I felt that we are all children of god as long as we accept it into our lives. I made a hard decision to leave that faith and as a result I was shunned by my family. I spent the next 15 years going through life searching for the meaning of life. I dealt with a lot of shame in guilt from the extreme conditioning of that religion. I’ve operated in the masculine for most of my life. I was extremely codependent and a people pleaser. I struggled with knowing who I was because the person I tried to be was just who I thought people wanted me to be. These last two years I’ve been trying to find myself. At the beginning of this year I finally decided to invest in my self by getting a soul realignment reading and finding out what my gifts were and learning to heal my karmic past. My gift is divine communication and I know for that gift take be fully embodied I have to heal. I know no one is never 100 percent healed but if it’s worked at daily it can find freedom. I was a victim and finally I can say I am no longer a victim. My hope is one day I can pass what I’ve learned to someone else. I look forward to learning from this group. I’m forever grateful for Lauren Wenzell. She was the first person I felt I could trust investing in. Her heart is pure and she has a embodied her gift. For a few weeks I’ve been wanting to go back and listen to our recording and live up to my full potential and heal those parts so I can embody my gift as well. Love you so much and I’m forever grateful to have met you.”
Kellie LeBoeuf
“Lauren really helped coach me through a rough time in my career. After a huge career change, and huge investment, I was finding my new job really frustrating, challenging, overwhelming, and was finding myself wanting to quit, with no real direction of where I should go. Lauren helped me understand the emotions I was dealing with, and coached me through the situation. I was able to find my voice, and speak up at work. I was able to use her coaching very successfully, as she could really tap into the truth of what was happening. I was able to express my needs to my boss, and able to work out an employment situation that was much more ideal for me, creating my own best life, without running away, and while in the face of extreme workplace pressure. I know now that we don’t need to settle, even in our work life. Our dreams can become a reality. Lauren has helped me fulfill some of my dreams, I look forward to working with her again.“
“I just have to say my experiences with you have been surprisingly amazing. The soul realignment blew me out of my chair because it reflected so much on my current life. Your readings are also of superb guidance. Thank you and hope to continue this journey with you!“
“Lauren’s reading of my soul was such an eye opening and life changing experience. Her ability to tune into my divine gift really validated me and made me realize I put way too much pressure on myself. It also reaffirmed the new direction I’m taking in my life. She identified a major block that has interfered with me really creating the life I want. I now know moving forward what to avoid so that I don’t get held back or suffer! Just in the month since my reading, I feel more at peace, my business is growing and I’m connecting more to my power and purpose. It’s showing in up in how I relate to people and overall I just feel happier. She also cleared some of the old contracts and karma from my past lives. As she was explaining some of the dynamics of those past life relationships, I could literally feel the connection between those agreements and the relationships in my current life. I felt immediately freed knowing I no longer have to keep carrying other people’s stuff or choosing relationships that bring me down. I highly recommend you get a reading to find out what could be blocking you from living your best life!!! Thanks so much, Lauren!“
Jessica Sheaffer, LMT, RBT, RES-CPT
Austin Bowenwork & Alignment Center
“I have been working with Lauren a couple of months. As soon as we had our first session I immediately felt and saw a positive shift in my life. Lauren is very positive, encouraging and patient, she meets you right where you’re at in your life. I highly recommend Lauren and I’m grateful for her amazing, skills, and gifts.“