My Story

We all have a story. Some are consumed by it, and others run with it and make it mean something. My mission is to use my story, my experiences, and what I know now to better change the world. Connect with others who resonate, invite individuals to find their way starting within, support social impact projects, and empower others with a call to action. I grew up trying to fit in and not be seen. But that’s what trauma does, it creates programs in our minds that limit our light and disconnect us from our inner power. I started my spiritual and healing journey in 2013. It had been 2 years since I moved back home from college and I sent a declaration to the universe, “please let this life make sense.” I was desperate. Then I got an invitation to a guest event to some sort of workshop that a friend had been participating in and was seeing results. That experiential learning experience was the start in how I would shift from a victimhood mentality to seeing my life with meaningful purpose. It was like a light bulb went off in my head and a huge weight left my body at one point. During those 4 months I started to dive so far into myself and began the cracks of self-acceptance. Accepting the fact that what I was born into and my life experiences was for a reason, a purpose– was freeing and liberating!! It gave me hope. And that is when the real work began.

“The wound is the place where the light enters you”

- Rumi -

Turning Trauma into Triumph

Not only experiencing a good half of my life being bullied, but also seeing the devastation of addiction within my own family, friends, and relationships, battled my own addictions with love, alcoholism, and other substances, experienced sexual assaults, lost my dad 3 weeks prior to my 30th birthday, and other pitfalls life can throw at you… yeah, talk about a series of unfortunate events. I feel like I have lived at least 3-4 lives thus far.. And I know it is a miracle that I was not consumed by every traumatic experience that I endured. I know that where I am today is a living proof of a miracle and how anything is possible to heal through, to transform. I feel very blessed today to be where I am, both spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally. AND… still get to expand in my capacity to learn, evolve, and witness life. My healing journey and process is a daily ritual and habit. I see that what I went through would lead me to where I am today. Our perfection is in our uniqueness and what makes us individuals. Your life experiences, your wisdom, what you have lived through, they are your greatest gifts! Use them, be bold with them, and be so undeniably you! No one else is or has what you have. That is where you own and embrace who you are, that is where you connect to your light, and that is where you turn trauma into triumph. Transforming a disconnected world into a magical place on Earth.

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I am a Clairvoyant Life Coach + Transformation Specialist, Owner and Founder of Transfiguration Coaching. I am a Cosmic Channel, Coach, Speaker, Poet, Podcaster, and Published Author—but most importantly— a Student of Life.

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