Customized Readings & Packages

The beauty and power of serving a client based on their personal wants, needs, AND meeting them where they currently are at– is highly transformational and sustainable! I offer a variety of services that include: (but are not limited to) 1) Soul Gifts, Past Lives, and Akashic Record Readings + Clearings AND 2) Human Design Readings-your regular human design chart, your dream chart, and/or your design in business for you and your team!

These individualized bundle pack and/or requested customized readings support with the process and integration of:

  • Connecting a client back into their intuition, knowing, healing, and empowerment!

My intention working with and serving my clients is that they walk away with an understanding of themselves and have clear supportive guidance moving forward.

To receive your intuitively channeled and personalized reading/bundle package please fill out the form at the bottom with what you are looking for in your reading(s), if you have a preference of reading you are looking for, please list below and what area(s) of life you are desiring inquiry with.

You can also list any additional information you’d like to share. I will reply within 48-72 business hours with any additional questions, options to choose to sign up with, and pricing. Readings are typically done over Zoom. You can also email me at [email protected] with any questions! I look forward to connecting with you!

Akashic Records Reading

This is an energetic upgrade and energy clearing process that will reconnect you to your Truth, soul, and path! This shifts EVERYTHING and gets your life and energy moving! You will understand why certain patterns/blockages are showing up and where they came from based on your past life records by accessing the Akashic Records.

  • Find out your soul gifts (what is your innate essence of creation!)
    LIFE CHANGING information
  • Discover your past lives
  • See how certain blocks and restrictions are still showing up in this lifetime and how to clear them!
  • Understand yourself on a soul level

Human Design Dream Readings

Understanding your dream rave is a profound and bubble bursting experiencing on top of learning your waking Human Design Chart. We are HEAVILY conditioned as we sleep and this can affect how we operate in our waking life without even realizing it! Do dreams keep you stuck and in stress? Uncovering your dream rave is a whole other level of the deconditioning process!

  • Do you know your dream type?
  • Are you experiencing your dream correctly?
  • How would you like to break free from waking up to stress and instead to joy, messages, healing and MORE…

Human Design Charts & Readings

Understanding your Human Design is an experiential process that you get to test not just take in on an intellectual level. This intel is cracking your unique DNA code, understanding how you’re specifically and energetically made, your specific gifts, purpose, and where your greatest vulnerabilities are that you want to be aware of! When you align to your design, your life radically changes and enhances for the better!

  • Find out witch energy type you are (generator, manifesting generator, projector, manifestor, or reflector)
  • How to use your unique energetic and your type. (Do you wait? Do you respond? How do you respond? Do you initiate? How do you know to initiate etc…) THIS IS A GAME CHANGER!!!
  • Coached and guided where you are being conditioned, programmed, and signs that you are out of alignment (energy being drained)
  • Practices to get back into alignment and feel energized depending on your design!

Business Readings

Knowing who you are in life will give you a great business advantage. Incorporating Human Design & BG5 in your business can explain the energetic and dynamics of a group and the ability to problem solve better! It shows who people are NOT, and highlights people’s natural abilities to be utilized. That way there is better flow, more success, satisfaction, and peace in your business!

  • What is your vision for your business moving forward?
  • Do you want to create more outreach?
  • Make leap in sales?
  • Flourish in creative marketing?
  • Grow your business?
  • What do you see expanding as you trap into your true self?
  • What are the next steps?

PHS (primary health system) Human Design Reading

This is also known as the four radical transformations in Human Design as well as your variables (the top four arrows you will see on your Human Design chart). As you go through this process of understanding these fundamental aspects of your unique body chemistry and mind’s psychology-things radically change! You can improve your health, mindset, and lifestyle by applying these aspects of your design to your daily life.

The PHS includes:

  • How you’re designed to eat and take in information
  • What environment your vehicle aka body thrives in
  • How you’re meant to view the world and where you get distracted
  • Your CORRECT motivation in life and your transference, which will throw you into your not-self.

This is EVERYTHING! When we align to our correct motivation it is like a weight is lifted and life gets way easier!

Composite Chart Reading

This is where we look at two human design charts together! Did you know that when you and someone come together you create a whole new energy or in this case design?!

  • See where there are compromises-this will lead to all possible tensions and issues in the relationship AND how to maneuver through them more effectively
  • Where you are attracted to one another-which has to do with you electromagnetic channels
  • Commonality and understanding-companionship channels
  • Definition between you both-defined and any undefined centers and how this influences your relationship.
  • AND so much more!


This is great to understand how you are with your significant other, business partner, friend, etc.

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