What is PHS in Human Design?

"The magic of this knowledge is not learning it, it's living it." -Ra Uru Hu

Have you heard of the term PHS in Human Design? If you are new to this concept, PHS stands for the primary health system.

Did you know that each one of us has our own designed primary health system?! That include:

1) Diet (also known as determination)- how we digest food and information. This is on the design part of our bodygraph, connected to our unconscious Sun and Earth.

2) Environment– where our bodies are designed to be in either a hardscape (populations with more auras) or landscape (populations with less auras), connected to our unconscious South and North Nodes.

3) View– how we view life, we also have a distraction with our view! Connected to our conscious South and North Nodes.


4) Motivation– how we are correctly motivated that also is in alignment with how we manifest. Connected to our conscious Sun and Earth.

(To catch up on other Human Design terms check out our HD glossary here!)

In this article we will be focusing on diet and environment first (the red side vehicle/body).

Next article we will go into view and motivation (the mind, personality, and black side), so stay tuned for that!

Controversy with PHS in the Human Design Community

Now PHS is a bit controversial in the Human Design community. Some people don’t resonate with it at all or use it in their teachings.

Even Ra Uru Hu (the founder of Human Design) suggested that people should really experiment with their strategy, inner authority, and other aspects of their design for years before taking on the experiment of their PHS.

But I say, to each their own! We have our inner authority for a reason! I started learning about my PHS a few years ago and it really started to take off for me when I went through the certification process of the 4 Radical Transformations.

This involved going through the PHS in depth and through experimentation- with my Human Design Teacher, Raquel Reyna, and classmates.

It is called the 4 radical transformations for a reason! Your life radically changes and transforms when you experiment with each of these variables and how they are uniquely designed for you!

I truly believe that our vehicle (our body/unconscious) which guides us rather than the mind, will initiate us into our next level of initiation in our design when we are ready.

The mind can get tricked to take in, to consume, and want to “know” a bunch of stuff about whatever it thinks is important.

However, going back to inner authority, checking certain aspects of your design-like your defined, undefined, and open centers- you can see where you are being vulnerable to outside conditioning and what is truly yours.

(To learn more about your defined and undefined centers click here!)

This process was AN INTENSE deep dive into each of our variables. (See below chart of where you can find your variables which include all your information about your PHS).

Diet/Determination: How You Are Meant to Digest Life!

The top left arrow in the bodygraph is referred to in Human Design as determination (also known as diet).

We want to look at 3 things:

1) the number in the circle (called color/determination)

2) the other number next to the circle in the triangle (called tone/cognition)

3) if the arrow is facing right or left

Our color in our PHS is how we are designed to digest life and information.

Each color is designed differently, and that’s why we see a variety of “diet trends” work for some people, but not others… it has to do with your designed diet!

Some people are good at focusing on information and taking it in, while others need a moment to process, take one thing at a time, have a lot of energy moving around, or have it quiet…it depends on this specific variable and its information!! Wild huh?!

(To listen and learn more about all the different diets and tones, click here and join my FREE Facebook Group where I did a live teaching on this!)

(To read more about diet and see in real time a personal example, how it all works- see my post on Facebook I recently shared on it here!)

Environment: Are You Living in Your Correct Space?

The arrow below from your diet (the bottom left) will be where you find your environment.

You want to look at the same 3 things we did with uncovering the details of diet (the number in the circle, number in triangle, and if your arrow is facing right or left).

I’ve heard that environment isn’t really important until you reach your Saturn Return (which is about 27-29 years of age).

Ra was a big proponent on environment. When he was in his incorrect environment, he had an instance where shizz really hit the fan!! His young son at the time almost died amongst other things going awry!

Now with that said, I also truly believe in strategy, authority, and divine timing.

If you look at the diagram of the variable above (which is my variable) you will see that I have color 5 as my environment which is valleys and since it is pointing right, it is wide.

The keynotes for valleys are acoustics, being low to the ground, landscape, intimate connections, and spaciousness. Valleys can also be a place of exchanges (sales, information, etc.)

Currently I live in a valley, but it is very busy. This is a lot for my sensitive, open, and mostly receptive aura.

However, I live according to my design (as best I can haha) and believe we get to go through certain things before we get to another segment in our divine, cosmic story of a masterpiece.

My Experiment with Environment

I have turned into a huge homebody! My vehicle needed to say no and be in a state of calmness and restoration from decades of being in the not-self of responding and trying to “keep up” with the energy world.

As I have been in my experiment and huge deconditioning process I listen to my body more and more.

Since the town I live in is busy (for me and my preference) I have found that I can do most things from home as well as run my business.

Having valleys as my environment, connecting online with people all over the world and fostering intimate connection, is right in alignment with valleys!

Getting the invite to move back to the valley I grew up in was 100% in alignment with my soul’s healing and evolution.

Our strategy and authority are not so black and white as it may be painted on mainstream marketing and media.

(If you didn’t get to read the last series of how going through this process and incorporating self-care saved my life, click here and start with part 1!

It will definitely give you a new perspective of what going through your Human Design is really about, from an authentic, raw, and vulnerable perspective).

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Bonus: Benefits of Aligning to Your PHS

This is in no way any medical advice or to replace professional care from a practicing and licensed physician. Follow strategy and authority, first and foremost.

I just know what it has done for me and the people I have witnessed taking it on and experimenting.

It has the potential to radically heal your vehicle (body) and have your brain (on the unconscious side that has to do with diet) function optimally.

We will go into the benefits of aligning to your view and motivation next article!

Do you incorporate your diet and have themes of your environment in your everyday? We’d love to hear your comments, so make sure you drop them below!

It is an honor to share this information with you and be on this journey together! Thanks for reading and being here! xoxo

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