Line 5 in Human Design Profile: Can You REALLY See Me?


Line 5 in Human Design Profile: Can You Really See Me? If you have a line 5 in your profile, you most likely can relate to this question and hence probably why you are here.

When we get to profile in our Human Design, we get to the archetype of our persona for this lifetime. Our profile makes up 70% of our bodygraph so it plays a very important role in our design!

(To review and see more HD terms, check out our Human Design Glossary here!)

I am a 5/1 and have 8 line 5’s in my chart, so the projection has been real for me! I have noticed the many themes of the line 5 throughout my life.

Some Common Personal Themes as a Line 5

  1. Strangers open up to me revealing their deepest secretes and life story (it could also be my inviting aura as a projector). (To learn more about the projector aura type click here!)
  2. The savior is projected on and then if failed expectations are not being met, kicked off the pedestal! Ouch!
  3. Being complimented in ways that seem flattering, but maybe a little off, fantasizing a perception and also being criticized in a way that feels a lot like… you guessed it, PROJECTION.
  4. It is RARE for me that I feel like something really lands and someone can see me. A knowing inside will register (whether it is positive or negative-because Truth is Truth and I always embrace it and appreciate it as a student of personal development) and be like “oh yeah, they got it!”

The Deepest Projection Field

As you can see the Line 5 is the deepest projection field being on the second floor, making it a transpersonal karmic line (meaning karma experienced through relationships with others), out of all the lines in the hexagram. Ra (the founder of Human Design) used this diagram a lot to talk about each line.

(To learn more about Ra Uru Hu and how Human Design came into fruition, click here!)

Knowing this intel, understanding the aspects of being a line 5 with all its mysticism and yet practicality as well as universalization in our teachings has helped me understand and embrace this very deep aspect of me.

Continuing the Experiment

The more I live my design and go through this experiment, the more I incorporate various aspects of myself into my life and business more and more.

Not only has human design revolutionized my life, but it has also given me permission to do things my way, not any other conditioned way. So, as you read more about the line 5 from my personal view, I want to invite you to contemplate it through this lens.

(If you didn’t get to read the 4-part series of how Human Design and Self-Care Saved My Life, click here for part 1 as I go through the details of the pitfalls and what has transpired taking on my design!)

The way I am presenting this transmission of the line 5 is a different way, it is the way that came to me and through my channels aka my life force. I could just list the information and common knowledge of what the intel says on the line 5, but you could look that up elsewhere and I’d just be regurgitating information in a way that may not be as potent for you to digest.

We all have creativity, our uniqueness and differentiation. It is so funny to see how Human Design-which is the science of differentiation-is being marketed in a very cookie cutter way. If Ra could see us now, I’m sure he would laugh and shock us with his observations.

Line 5-The Heretic

There are 4 different possible Line 5 profiles in Human Design: 5/1 (Heretical Investigator), 5/2 (Heretical Hermit), 2/5 (Hermit Heretic), or 3/5 (Martyr Heretic). You can have it in your conscious (the first number- ex: 5/1) placement or your unconscious (the second number- ex: 2/5) placement.

As a Line 5…

You cannot see me, not really

I am here but not here

I am mysterious and seductive

I am your fantasy or nightmare

Your savior or person to blame for the lack of your results

I was your greatest hope and biggest disappointment…

Lessons Learned as a Line 5

In reality

I am just a person

Who can be heavily misunderstood

I will never live up to your perceived expectations

So, I get to be EXTRA clear in what I can/can’t offer in any type of relationship

And have great communication skills

While also surrendering the need to be everything to everyone

I also get to check where I am projecting on to others too

Gifts I Received as a Line 5

Communication is everything, it is life changing, it saves relationships and squashes misunderstandings. When I realized I couldn’t leave it up to people to get the gist of what I was saying or intended to, it pushed me to be clearer and more direct.

I also have the gate 62 off a defined throat in my Mercury, so I really NEED to lean into the details as I communicate. If we all leaned into communication and being honest with what our monkey minds make up, we would live in a more peaceful world.

As line 5’s we’re here to teach and share our heresy, what better way than to be clear in our communication?

Fellow Line 5’s

What do you think? What’s been your experience as a line 5 or the ones you know who are line 5’s? I’d love to hear how it your shares and how it shows up for you!

If you are ready to go deeper into your design, embrace your line 5 (or profile in general), you can go to the menu where it lists coaching and services, or click here to book a session! You can also write to me at: [email protected] with any questions or requests for topics to chat about! xoxo

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