Who Created Human Design: The Fascinating Story of Ra Uru Hu


“If you allow someone to be who they are and they allow you to be who you are, then that is love. Anything else is torture.” — Ra Uru Hu

Human Design has garnered considerable interest in recent years. However, its origins remain shrouded in a certain degree of mystery, leading many to question who created Human Design, who brought this system into the world.

Who Created Human Design?

It’s like asking who created Astrology… the only difference is, Human Design is a system much more complicated than Astrology AND…

We know the creator!

Ra Uru Hu

Ra Uru Hu Creator of Human Design

This article delves into the life and experiences of Alan Robert Krakower, the individual known as Ra Uru Hu, who channeled and synthesized the Human Design system.

From Robert Krakower to Ra Uru Hu: A Life of Transformation

Born in Montreal, Canada in 1948, Alan Robert Krakower led a multifaceted life before dedicating himself to Human Design.

He pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree, worked as an advertising executive and a magazine publisher, and even expressed himself through music, a lifelong passion.

Yet, a pivotal shift occurred in 1987 when, during a mystical experience in Ibiza, Krakower reported receiving an eight-day transmission of information he referred to as “The Voice.”

This experience, which he described as a profound awakening, marked the genesis of Human Design.

Most people speculated that “The Voice” was brought on by an ayahuasca journey.

According to Merriam Webster Dictionary ayahuasca is a psychoactive beverage containing dimethyltryptamine that is prepared especially from the bark of a woody vine (Banisteriopsis caapi of the family Malpighiaceae) and the leaves of a shrubby plant (Psychotria viridis of the family Rubiaceae) of South America.

This plant is very popular and in spiritual healing, shadow work, and releasing trauma. It is NOT for everyone! (Me included) I am just the messenger providing this intel, use your own Inner Authority to choose what is correct of your vehicle, healing, and alignment 🙂

However, after further investigation and more research has found that Ra had initiated through a different type of spiritual substance (ketamine to be exact), activated through his meridian points that set him on this profound journey to connect with The Voice and download this life changing information.

Talk about INTENSE!!

Again, this is not to recommend any type of initiation with substances to access higher knowledge and awakening, this is solely related the story and research behind it.

Ra Uru Hu’s Human Design Chart

Below you will see Ra’s Human Design Chart. Ra was a 5/1 Splenic Manifestor with individual circuitry. As our previous article went into the Manifestor aura type (click here to read more on Manifestors), they are here to IMPACT!

Previous research, accounts, and records have shown that others have tried to channel the intel of Human Design, however it was just too much to them and lead to overload, to say the least! It makes complete sense that a Manifestor downloaded this system and brought it here to impact the world!

His circuitry being all individual (click here to read more about circuitry) was here to definitely awaken, shock (personality sun gate 51 and being a line 5) and mutate those that this intel is here for!

Ra Uru Hu Human Design Chart

Channeling the System and Sharing the Knowledge

Following the experience, Krakower, who adopted the name Ra Uru Hu (given to him by The Voice), embarked on a journey to understand and synthesize the information he received.

The meaning behind his name was that “Ra” -the sun, “Uru”- mutation, and “Hu”-was referred to the ghost that followed Ra after his encounter.

The “encounter” refers to Rave Cosmology and how we access higher knowledge and education from our guides. Stay tune for upcoming articles on that!

He spent years analyzing and refining the complex system, drawing inspiration from various sources like the I Ching, Kabbalah, Vedic philosophy, and astrology.

He believed that Human Design wasn’t his creation, but a rediscovery of an ancient wisdom meant to be shared with the world.

Ra was sitting on this information for some time and needed the help of his friends who were projectors! to support with the information that he was channeling, not quite understanding, organize this body of knowledge, and other aspects to bring this to the world to teach.

Human Design: A System of Self-Discovery

In 1992, Ra Uru Hu published his seminal work, “The Human Design System,” officially introducing the system to the public.

Human Design utilizes a unique chart generated based on an individual’s birth date, time, and location.

This chart, referred to as a BodyGraph, categorizes individuals into five Types (Manifestors, Manifesting Genertors, Generators, Projectors, and Reflectors) and further details their inner mechanics, including their Strategy, Inner Authority, and Profile.

Through this framework, Human Design aims to empower individuals to understand their unique energy flow, decision making processes, and potential in various aspects of life, including relationships, careers, and personal growth.

Ra Uru Hu’s Viewpoint on Human Design:

The Primacy of Self-Discovery: Human Design is fundamentally about understanding and honoring your unique nature. Ra Uru Hu emphasized that it’s a system for deconditioning, helping individuals break free from societal conditioning and live in alignment with their true selves.

Experimentation and Verification: Experimenting with the principles of Human Design through practical application was central to Ra Uru Hu’s perspective. Instead of simply believing in the system, he actively encouraged individuals to apply its guidelines to their lives and judge the results for themselves.

Mechanics over Metaphysics: While Human Design incorporates elements of esoteric systems, Ra Uru Hu often emphasized its focus on the mechanics of human design: how energy flows and functions within each individual. He stressed for people to focus on the understanding of the practical implications of one’s Type, Strategy, and Authority rather than solely focusing on its spiritual dimensions.

A Tool, Not a Religion: Ra Uru Hu did not view Human Design as a replacement for established religions or belief systems. Rather, he saw it as a tool that could be utilized by anyone regardless of their spiritual leanings.

Bonus Fun Fact About Ra:

Funny thing about Ra is that he wore a lot of hats. As a line 5 we get projected on A LOT, it is the deepest projection field out all the 6 lines. It is mysterious, seductive, and you are not quite sure what you are seeing with the line 5. Are they the savior or the person you blame for things not working out and solving your problems??

His wearing hats (as you can see from his picture above, and probably most pictures and videos of him) he mentioned protected the projection of others on to him.

Line 5’s what do you think? Do you wear hats? Can you see this has a way to minimize the projection field? Or do you think it’s nonsense?

Beyond the Individual: The Legacy of Ra Uru Hu

Ra Uru Hu remained dedicated to sharing Human Design until his passing in 2011.

Ra was definitely an individual, a heretic and teacher (being a line 5 in his profile), detailed authority (his unconscious line 1 in profile), impactful Manifestor, and mutative being.

He established the International Human Design School (IHDS) to train and certify individuals in the system’s analysis and application.

Today, Human Design continues to evolve and gain traction, with practitioners and enthusiasts worldwide utilizing it for self-exploration and personal development.

Did you know the backstory of Human Design and the origins of its founder Ra Uru Hu aka Alan Robert Krakower? Tell us your thoughts and what else you’d like to know more about for upcoming articles!

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