The Intimate Connection Between Astrology and Human Design (Personal Reading)


Understanding the connection between astrology and human design can offer you a powerful lens for understanding your unique energetic blueprint on a much deeper layer.

For centuries, humans have looked to the stars for guidance.

Astrology, the study of planetary influences, has offered insights into personality, potential, and life paths.

But in recent years, another system has emerged – Human Design – promising an even deeper understanding of who we are.

Reading with Crista Marie Miller and The Connection Between Astrology and Human Design:

Recently I did a reading with my dear friend Crista Marie Miller, a powerful channeler of Mary Magdalene and a Consciousness Coach.

She is a 5/1 Emotional Manifestor, a Virgo sun, with Scorpio moon and Virgo ascendant.

Crista discusses her experience with channeling and how she came to discover Human Design. She explains that she started channeling at the age of seven and that she channeled the eight modalities available to the human population in 1987 to truly know themselves and tap into their full potential! She also talks about her decision to start doing channeling work publicly in 2018.

We go over Crista’s human design chart, which shows that she is a Virgo Sun with all of her arrows pointing to the right, which are called variables. This means that Crista is an observer who takes in everything and doesn’t know what she knows until it’s invited out and shared with other people.

She also has a Scorpio Moon, which is in her second house. This means that Crista has had to learn patience with money and resources.

Crista talks about how important it is for her to follow her emotional authority and to wait at least a week before making any big decisions, especially financial. She also discusses the challenges of being a Manifestor and how she has learned to deal with people who try to block her initiation.

(To learn more and read about the Manifestor Type click here!)

This was a very PROFOUND interview, and you can feel Crista’s impact as a Manifestor in what she shares! You will definitely want to tune in!

To learn more about Crista and connect with her, you can go to her website:

If you want to watch the full episode, you can do that here:

Today we are going to focus on the intimate connection between Astrology and Human Design.

This article dives into the intricate connection between these two systems, revealing how astrology adds depth and personalization to your Human Design chart.

The Intimate Connection Between Astrology and Human Design:

Astrology and Human Design are different lenses of the same energy system.

Think of it like this… mastering just Astrology is like being a brain surgeon. You know almost everything about the brain and how it works. But does that mean you know everything about the whole body? Do you know if the person has a healthy heart just by looking at the brain? Do you know if he has a fast metabolism or whether or not they are strong enough to lift a car?

Of course not. The human body is a lot more complex to master and understand by just focusing on one of its parts. In the same way mastering just Astrology will give you a lot of information about your spiritual body and energetics, but NOT the full picture of energetic makeup.

Human Design incorporates Astrology, but also other systems like the Kabbalah, The I-Ching, and the Chakra System. It’s a much broader and deeper look into your spiritual body.

The point is to understand this intimate connection between Astrology and Human Design so you can deepen your understanding of your self.

How Astrology and Human Design Complement Each Other:

While Human Design utilizes birth data similar to astrology, it goes beyond the basic 12 zodiac signs.

Human Design employs 384 sections of the sky, creating a more detailed picture of planetary influences at your birth. However, astrology isn’t discarded.

The placement of planets within these sections informs your Human Design chart, adding an astrological layer to your energetic makeup.

Planetary Voices in Your Design:

Imagine your Human Design chart as a stage, and the planets in your natal chart as the actors. Their positions within the Human Design framework reveal how their energies manifest in your life. Here’s how this plays out:

Each Human Design Gate has a planetary influence. With the possibility of some gates showing up in multiple houses and signs that can create a stellium. A stellium is when you have 3 or more of the same planets or house number that shows up in your Astrological Wheelhouse. For example, in the reading we did with Crista we say that she had 5 placements in her 1st house as well as having Virgo and Scorpio stelliums.

These energies are very prominent and important for Crista this lifetime. She will be recognized and seen with these attributes that show up in her Astrology, that influence her on top of being a 5/1 Emotional Manifestor.

Bonus: If you want to know your planetary ruler, locate your ascendant sign. Where your ascendant sign is home in is your planetary ruler. So, we saw that Crista’s ascendant is Virgo and her planetary ruler is Mercury. This mirrors her amazing teaching and communication skills as well as her natural channeling abilities.

Knowing the ruler in your astrology chart paints the picture of the energy you bring forth into the world, while also living and experimenting with your Human Design Type, Strategy, and Authority.

The specific degrees of the planets in your natal chart can activate specific themes within your gate expression, paired with the house and planetary placement. This adds another layer of nuance to your energetic expression.

Astrology, Human Design and Relationships:

In the video we talk about Crista’s Venus sign. Venus is the planet of relationships and values, and Crista’s Venus is in Leo. It is also in her 11th house, which is the house of community, groups, friends, and humanity.

They say that this is an amazing placement for her Venus because whoever she is with in relationships gets to see her shine in her purpose in humanity and her community.

Crista describes her experience with relationships. She says it took her a long time to allow herself to be uncomfortable with making people uncomfortable with her energy.

She also says that it is important for Manifestors to surround themselves with people who will support them and allow them to be themselves. Her current partner allows her to lead and shine.

A Constellation of You

By weaving together the specificities of Human Design with the broader themes of astrology, you gain a richer understanding of yourself.

For instance, someone who is a Sacral Generator (energetic and needs to respond) in Human Design might discover their Mars in Gemini (adaptable, communicative) in their chart. This suggests that their energetic response might be expressed through communication or quick bursts of activity.

Understanding the Astrology aspect within your Human Design chart can give you a much deeper overview of your energies, influences, and relationships.

So, can you see how your Sun sign can influence your Type? Or the other planetary placements? Let us know some of the unique nuances of you and what stood out to you in the article! We’d love to hear your positive feedback and any questions you might have.

If you would like to learn more about your unique astrology and design and schedule a free consultation with Coach Lauren, you can book here or email her at: [email protected] and we will get you all set up ready to shoot for the stars!

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