How to Find Your Purpose with Human Design?


Have you ever felt a nagging sense of something missing, a yearning for a deeper understanding of your place in the world? If so, Human Design might hold the key that will help you find your purpose.

Within its intricate framework lies a powerful trio waiting to unveil your unique life purpose: the South Node, North Node, and Incarnation Cross.

I did a reading with the wonderful Lyndsay Adams, a 3/5 Pure Generator with a small split and an undefined Mind Center and Ajna Center.

(To learn more about all 9 centers, defined and undefined, check out our previous article here!)

Lyndsay Adams just turned 40. She is a charismatic and inspiring coach who is on the verge of making a big impact in the world. She is already having a positive impact on the lives of her clients, and she is now ready to share her gifts with a wider audience.

Unsure of her real purpose and direction in life, we looked at her Bodygraph to reveal the truth. Her South Node, North Node, and her Incarnation Cross revealed the secret, and in this article, we will explain how to find your life purpose with Human Design.

If you want to watch Lyndsay’s reading you can do that in the video below. To connect with Lyndsay, you can go to her website:

How to Find Your Purpose Through Human Design:

Human Design is a complex system integrating astrology, the I Ching, and Kabbalah. Among many things, it also unveils hidden aspects of your personality and purpose.

(To learn more about the basic fundamentals of Human Design, check out our previous article here!)

Within its framework lie three key elements: the South Node, North Node, and Incarnation Cross, offering a factual roadmap for understanding your life journey.

The South Node (ages 0-40):

Imagine your South Node as a comfortable armchair, worn soft by the weight of a previous life. It represents the familiar patterns, strengths, and talents you’ve honed across a past journey.

Ruled by instinct and comfort, your South Node whispers familiar tunes, urging you towards what feels effortless and safe.

Our South Node represents who we were in our previous life and the themes of what we focus on between the ages 0-40 years.

One of Lindsay’s South Nodes Gates is in the Gate of Joy (Gate 58) which means that she has spent her previous life exploring joy and what that means for her.

Example: For a Generator with a South Node in the Gate of Friendship (Gate 37), for instance, connecting with others might come naturally, fostering a sense of belonging and ease.

But beware: clinging too tightly to this well-worn armchair can hinder your growth!

The South Node’s shadow side lies in repeating past patterns, even if they no longer serve you.

Remember, the South Node is a foundation, not a destination.

Acknowledge its gifts, but don’t get stuck in its comfortable confines.

The North Node (ages 40+):

The North Node is like a luminous star illuminating your path ahead. It comes into play after people turn 40.

It represents your north star, your soul’s deepest desires, and the challenges you must overcome to reach your full potential. Unlike the South Node’s familiar whispers, the North Node beckons with an unfamiliar melody, urging you to step outside your comfort zone and embrace growth.

The journey towards your North Node won’t be easy. It requires effort, courage, and a willingness to confront your vulnerabilities.

One of Lindsay’s North Node Gates is in the Gate of Stillness (Gate 52), which means that she is here to learn how to witness the chaos, be still, and wait to respond trusting her gut instincts.

Example: A Projector with a North Node in the Gate of Focus (Gate 9), might need to overcome trying to do everything all at once, learn the value of patience and taking one step at a time. (Speaking from experience!!)

By knowing this, the rewards are immense!

As you integrate your North Node’s qualities, you tap into a deep sense of fulfillment and purpose, living a life aligned with your authentic self.

Finding Balance Between The Two Nodes:

The South Node and North Node represent a beautiful dance of duality within your being.

The South Node offers stability and foundation, and the North Node beckons you towards growth and evolution.

Finding balance between these two forces is key to your personal transformation.

Don’t get too comfortable with your South Node. Use its strengths as a springboard to propel yourself towards your North Node’s potential.

This might involve setting small, achievable goals aligned with your North Node, celebrating your progress, and seeking support from those who believe in your potential.

Find Your Purpose with The Incarnation Cross:

Imagine the South Node and North Node as the past and the future of your personal evolutionary timeline. The two sides of the spectrum.

But the central theme of your life’s purpose, the substance of your personal timeline emerges when you look into the Incarnation Cross, a powerful symbol formed by four defined channels in your Human Design chart.

Each Cross carries a unique theme, representing your core life purpose and the guiding principles that shape your experiences.

Understanding your Cross unveils the underlying themes that orchestrate your life’s play, offering profound insights into your motivations, strengths, and areas for growth.

Lindsay’s Incarnation Cross is the Right Angle Cross of The Vessel of Love 1, which means that she is here to be an example of and teach how to love yourself, your vessel, your body on such a profound and spiritual level.

The gates in Lindsay’s Incarnation Cross are the Gate of Innocence (Gate 25), the Gate of Determination (Gate 46), the Gate of Behavior (Gate 10), and the Gate of Extremes (Gate 15).

These gates suggest that Lindsay is here to learn how to love herself and others, understand what unconditional love is within her spirit and body, and honor the different extremes and rhythms her direction takes her.

There are 768 basic incarnation cross variations in Human Design that reveal your unique life purpose!!

Find your human design and schedule a free discovery reading with me here to find your life purpose or email me at [email protected] 🙂

Understand Your Human Design: Embark on Your Journey of Self-Discovery

Unveiling your South Node, North Node, and Incarnation Cross is not a one-time event; it’s an ongoing journey of self-discovery.

Explore your Human Design chart, delve deeper into the meanings of your gates and channels, and seek guidance from experienced Human Design practitioners.

As you gain a deeper understanding of these powerful elements, you’ll unlock a treasure trove of self-awareness, empowering you to live a life filled with purpose, meaning, and authenticity.

Remember, your Human Design is a unique roadmap, guiding you towards the fulfillment of your soul’s deepest desires.

Step out of your comfort zone, embrace the challenges, and allow the South Node, North Node, and Incarnation Cross to illuminate your path towards a life truly aligned with your purpose.

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