What are The 9 Centers in Human Design: Ultimate Guide

9 Centers in Human Design

Did you know in Human Design we have transitioned from the 7 Centered Being to the 9 Centered Being?!

From the 7 basic chakras most of us are familiar with (the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Ajna, and Head), when The Projector came onto this Earth plane over 240 years ago, we evolved to the 9 Centers and a few out of those 7 centers mutated and shifted!

How cool is that?!

So, in this article we will be going over these centers and what they mean, and why the 7 centered system is outdated.

When we start learning about our design, going into the basics and foundation is a must!

After we look into our type, strategy and authority, along with our profile (stay tuned for upcoming article on that soon!) then comes the centers and the deconditioning process through the centers.

At the core of Human Design are nine energy centers, each representing specific aspects of our being and energy.

What Determines If A Center is Defined or Not?

In Human Design, whether a center is defined or undefined is determined by the planets and their positions at the time of an individual’s birth.

The planetary positions create specific gates and channels, influencing the activation or non activation of the energy centers in the BodyGraph, which is the graphical representation of a person’s unique Human Design.

Each center can be either:

1) Defined – this mean you have definition here (is colored in your bodygraph) and at least one or more channels connects a center to another defined center.

2) Undefined – means that this center does not have any channels connecting it to another center, it is white or colorless with at least one or more hanging gates coming off this center.

3) completely Open – meaning having no hanging gates off the center and is completely white/colorless.

This is where we see the not-self play out THE MOST with the undefined and open centers!

In an individual’s Human Design chart, the definition and openness influence various aspects of someone’s personality, decision making, emotional well being, energy, mental health, health, and overall life experience.

Through the deconditioning process our openness gifts of great wisdom!

Defined centers have consistent energy. This is how we see where someone is defined in their way of being with this energy center, while undefined centers are more susceptible to external influences and will have an inconsistent energy through their hanging gates.

Open centers will take in the definition of the other, amplifying and distorting that energy.

Let’s explore these centers in depth with what they look like when they are defined, undefined, and open.

What are The 9 Centers in Human Design?

1. The Crown Center (Head Center)

The 9 Centers in Human Design 1. The Crown Center (Head Center)

So, starting at the top of the bodygraph with the triangle pointing upward we have the Crown Center which is associated with inspiration, ideas, and mental pressure.

This is a pressure center. Only about 30% of the population has a defined Head Center.

When this center is defined, individuals have a consistent source of inspiration and thoughts leading to mental clarity. They are here to inspire others with their thoughts through their inner knowing (gate 61), illumination (gate 64), and what they know to be true (gate 63).

The defined head is gifted in inspiring others especially those who have an undefined and open head.

The Head Center gates are also referred to as the gates of madness.

The mental pressure of what, why, and how come from these 3 gates.

An undefined Crown Center, however, may result in overthinking and mental pressure as one absorbs external influences.

The conditioning and outside influences for the undefined Head will feel the pressure to think about things that don’t really matter to them.

And with a completely open head they will experience the pressure of not knowing what to think.

I have seen with the open head that since it is like there is no container to store thoughts (or not having a filter through a gate or gates – this is how we experience energy through our undefined centers in variable/inconsistently) they struggle remembering short term things and can easily forget or get distracted with their thoughts.

Helpful Tips: What helps is having outside reminders, trackers, assistants to keep them on schedule, and resources so they don’t forget important appointments, details, tasks, and not amplifying the thought and mental pressure in their mind.

Another diagnosis I see with this open center is ADHD, this shows up in other aspects in the bodygraph too, but it is a common theme with a completely open head.

The gift with an undefined and open head is that they get to be inspired by others who are defined in their thoughts and inspiration, they can easily let thoughts pass by and are great observers and witnesses to their thoughts.

We live in a world where we are ruled by our thoughts and the way we think. The open and undefined centers allow us to let the energy move through the centers, instead of holding on, amplifying, and distorting that pressure.

Now we can also have conditioning in our defined centers too, and it can be just as challenging to decondition from our own definition than the undefined and open centers.

Personal Example: I have my crown defined and since I have constant definition in my crown, I have a consistent amount of mental energy and pressure. It is very challenging to not think and have pauses in my mind.

Helpful Tips: That’s why meditation, mindfulness practices, and focusing on things that bring me joy as a projector help keep my thoughts on track, lead me to inspiration when invited to share, and declutter a lot of the mental noise especially being filtered through my other open and undefined centers.

2. The Ajna Center

The 9 Centers in Human Design 2. The Ajna Center

Now we move below the Crown Center to the next center and get to a triangle facing downward that is placed where the forehead would be, and we call this the Ajna Center.

The Ajna Center governs our belief system, insights, perceptions, and the mind’s ability to analyze and conceptualize our thoughts. This is an awareness center.

When defined, there is a distinct way this center sees things. We see the spiritual gift of clairvoyancy with the defined Head and Ajna connected.

Personal example: I have a channel the 64/47 channel, giving me a defined Head and Ajna. I have always been clairvoyant ever since I was a kid. I could see patterns and how they would track into the future.

But being a projector and through the conditioning process, past traumas, and not knowing I was a projector, I did not trust or “listen” to my clairvoyancy and inner authority since it was not recognized and invited. Talk about the oppression!! (gate 47) Luckily, through the deconditioning process and aligning to my design, I have tapped back into those gifts and trusting what I “see” which leads to the epiphanies (higher expression of gate 47).

The defined Ajna is designed to have its own point of view and not be as easily influenced to have a fluid and changing mind as an undefined and open Ajna would.

An undefined Ajna Center, when conditioned, can lead to mental uncertainty and a tendency to second-guess oneself.

Also, for the undefined Ajna, through the not-self, is trying to force other people to see their point of view and beliefs, feeling the pressure to have that mental certainty. The open Ajna doesn’t know what to believe.

The gift with the undefined and open Ajna is that they have the ability to not be tied to any way of seeing and viewing things, that they can shift their belief system easier than a defined Ajna.

This is really helpful when we are focusing on transcending limiting beliefs and negative self-talk.

The undefined and open Ajna, through its deconditioning can let this energy pass through this center, not take on the distortion or amplification and has the gift of seeing many different points of view, perspectives, and shifting their belief systems throughout their life. That they can see from other people’s perspectives easily and understand many points of view.

With the defined Ajna, it can also act a little like the undefined Ajna if they put the pressure on others to see what they believe to be true.

However, the distinction here is that there isn’t an uncertainty. They know what they know and if something doesn’t register with what they see, their perspective, and beliefs it is more objective and easily can detach from another’s point of view.

I can relate to this having a defined Ajna.

Honestly, I can see where I have tried to put the pressure on others who have an undefined or open Ajna to shift their beliefs or see things a certain way to decrease their suffering. I don’t feel the pressure, but the undefined and open Ajna do.

Helpful tips: It helps with defined Ajnas to follow their strategy, plant the seeds of different perspectives and possibilities for others and detach. We all have our own unique timing, and each person will view things their own way.

3. The Throat Center

The 9 Centers in Human Design 3. The Throat Center

Moving below the Ajna Center we arrive at this large-ish square with having the most gates out of all the centers. We call this center The Throat Center and it is the foundation of communication and manifestation.

Why would we call this the manifestation center too?

Well, all the manifested channels are connected to Throat and through the power of our words is how we manifest our thoughts (Head Center) and conceptualized ideas (Ajna Center) into reality!

Sidenote and tips: Haven’t you heard of sayings like “they put a spell on me?” Or someone prophesizing something before it happened?

What we say has potency, energy, and power!

We call it the “word” for a reason.

So, be mindful of what you speak and put out to the universe!

With intention, insight and your inner authority I invite you to play around with this and watch how you speak, what you say, and then see it show up in the 3D!

And check to see what gates you have in your Throat Center too and how they correlate with your manifesting 🙂

When defined, it indicates a consistent and reliable way of expressing oneself.

When someone has a defined Throat, they know when to talk and when not to, how to hold silence, and the way they speak and communicate is unwavering and unchanging.

For example: the singer Adele has a defined Throat. She is a manifestor, so she has a motor to the Throat on top of that. Her Throat has POWER!! She is known for her voice and her sound.

An undefined Throat Center may result in challenges in expressing thoughts and feelings, leading to frustration or a feeling of being unheard.

The undefined Throat needs to be recognized and invited to speak, sort of like a projector, so the not-self and conditioning can be making inappropriate comments or participating in attention seeking behaviors, not knowing when to speak, and not knowing when to stop talking.

Personal example: I was very surprised I had a defined Throat; I had a lot of conditioning around not talking that much or being heard and feeling unrecognized. But those are also themes with being a projector in our not-self.

The way I speak is very consistent in the way I talk; it doesn’t change that much. I know what to say most of the time and when, and when to be quiet and listen.

The more I have been living my design, following my strategy and inner authority I allow my throat to speak when invited and not to overtalk or interrupt someone else (this can be a not-self theme for the defined throat).

The gift of the undefined Throat is having the ability to reach and communicate with many different audiences and able to shift your messaging and tone to the environment you are in.

We see people having channeling abilities from the undefined Throat and reaching wide and diverse groups of people.

4. The G Center (Identity Center)

The 9 Centers in Human Design 4. The G Center (Identity Center)

Below the Throat Center we arrive at a diamond shape that is The G Center which is the seat of identity, self-love, and direction.

A defined G Center signifies a consistent and stable sense of self, the direction it knows it is going, and a deep relationship to their own self-love or not.

Sidenote: Remember, in our chart through our definition and gates we have themes of “or not” of that energy that show up as a possibility as well.

A healthy defined G center has a great sense and connection of spiritual love and relationship to themselves. When they follow their strategy and inner authority, they have a knowing and confidence of where they are going and who they are.

The G Center is all about our connection to the Divine, a deep love that goes beyond our relationship to others and how we identify love in that way.

Fun facts: This is where our magnetic monopole is.

The magnetic monopole is “the driver” of our design. This is where our personality (the passenger) crystal and design (the vehicle) crystal meet. For projectors the G Center is where we plug into the other.

An undefined G may result in a quest for identity and a tendency to absorb others’ identities and getting lost in who they surround themselves with.

Looking for love in all the wrong places” is definitely a not-self theme for the undefined G.

The undefined G Center feels the pressure and conditioning to find their love, their soulmate, and/or romantic interest.

Inconsistency with their own relationship of self-love and who they are, feeling the pressure to prove who they “think” they are show up here too. They will also feel the pressure to find and initiate their purpose.

Personal example: I have an undefined G Center, and this was a HUGE theme for me for most of my life. I felt the pressure to pursue and find love, very outside of my strategy as a projector, and even when I learned I was a projector there was still conditioning around finding that aligned romantic partnership through the places I would go or going on dating apps, which is totally common and are normal ways of meeting people, but it felt very pressurized and unnatural for me.

Also, I experienced the pressure to find my purpose and environment that would feel peaceful for me.

I got very swept up in a toxic culture (prior to Human Design and my healing journey), amplified and absorbed that energy and had a lot of conditioning around who I thought I was and had to be.

The gift with the undefined G centers is that we are here to wear different hats throughout our lifetime and experiment with different identities.

There is great freedom in not being tied to a specific identity or persona. That we are meant to be many things at once and change!

Through the deconditioning process of an undefined G, we discover that the universe, Source, God, energy (whatever you resonate with) leads us to our correct environments, partnerships, and direction.

That through our strategy and inner authority our undefined and open G will lead us to what is meant for us!

The shadow side of the defined G can put the pressure on those who are undefined and open here to go with their direction, who they are, and how they feel about themselves.

Helpful tips: The undefined G center needs to tap into their inner authority and see if their environment and the people they surround themselves with align them to their theme and signature (example: projectors experiences success, manifestors– peace, generators – satisfied, manifesting generators – peace and satisfaction, and reflectors – surprised by their environment).

5. The Heart Center

The 9 Centers in Human Design 5. The Heart Center

Now we go a little down and next to the G center on the right side (if we are looking headon at the bodygraph), and we arrive at a little triangle called The Heart Center which represents willpower, ego, and themes of self-worth.

A defined Heart Center brings a consistent source of willpower and ego. Sources say that 30-37% of the population has a defined Heart Center.

This may seem contradictory in terms of how we define ego and heart. You may be wondering how do they go together?

Well, this is where we mutated from the 7 Centered being, into the 9 Centers with the Heart splitting and creating the G and Heart Centers.

It is also referred to as and uses the names Ego Center and Willpower Center interchangeably.

In Human Design the ego is a motor center that is based on its egoic desires based on its channels, hanging gates, or openness.

A defined ego has the willpower to get things done, however if they are a non-energy type, they need to make sure they are not really heavily on this center and bypassing their inner authority of resting and stopping when they need to.

Someone that has a healthy relationship with their defined ego uses their willpower for the greater good, knows what to bring to their tribe (if they have tribal channels) and honors their spiritual gifts and uniqueness so they can awaken those around them (the channel of initiation 25-51).

As a society we have all been conditioned heavily around this center in a very toxic way. Self-image, people’s egos and egoic materialistic desires trumping over authenticity, values, and monopolizing on greed.

An undefined and open Heart Center can have great wounding around their self-worth. There is amplification and absorption trying to keep up, feeling worthy, and over giving.

Personal example: I have a completely open Heart center and had a lot of wounding around people keeping their word. My whole immediate family has a completely open ego, so there were a lot of broken promises and things weren’t followed through on.

So, I made sure I always kept my word, said yes, and pushed myself past my limits at the expense of my energy and always feeling extremely burnt out and tired.

I am so grateful I know this! It explained so much, how these centers operate and supporting the processing deconditioning, healing, and forgiveness.

Helpful tips: The undefined and open Heart center benefits from renegotiation and not promising.

I know this sounds drastic; how can someone not promise?

But the open and undefined heart will overcommit and not realize what they can’t take on. It isn’t personal, it is their aura mechanics and energetics.

Following your strategy, inner authority, and being up front with your energetic boundaries helps your relationships, but mostly your own self-love.

The gift of the undefined and open Heart center is knowing you have nothing to prove. That through God’s Divine Will, what is meant to be, will be and the universe acts through you as you live your design.

The open heart takes in the other’s heart, feels their feelings of worthiness and can empathize and/or be inspired.

6. The Solar Plexus Center

The 9 Centers in Human Design 6. The Solar Plexus Center

Going below the Heart Center we get to a larger triangle towards the bottom of the bodygraph that is called The Solar Plexus Center that governs emotional awareness and the capacity for empathy.

When defined, it indicates emotional consistency and emotional intelligence. This is also another motor and awareness center.

50% of the population has their Solar Plexus defined.

We see the most chaos from this center!!! It is very ironic.

People who have their emotional center defined have emotional authority. But through conditioning most people have suppressed their emotions and do not lean into their emotions to make their decisions.

Then we have the other half of the population who are non-emotional (undefined and open), taking on the suppressed emotions of those around them, amplifying and distorting that energy thinking they are the emotional ones, going to therapy, taking prescription medication, etc.

Now I am not saying this is solely because of this, but as a personal example I am completely open here. For most of my life I was extremely emotional, was called a drama queen, too sensitive, etc. on and off anti-depressants, and anti-anxiety meds for many years, self-medicated, and felt controlled by what I perceived were my emotions.

It was very draining and hard to live life.

When I found out I was non-emotional and my design I nearly keeled over. I was so sure I was very emotional, but through my openness I am extremely empathetic.

Through this awareness and deconditioning process, I have been able to be a great witness through being with others’ emotions, hold space, and let the emotions pass through me or not taking them on.

You can tell when someone is suppressing their emotions versus letting it out. You will feel the intensity and uncomfortableness in your system.

Personal Example and helpful tips: What saved my life basically was learning this information, following my inner authority which was to get off all meds and started meditating, healing deeper and deconditioning through my centers, aligning to people who took care of their emotions and traumas, and set boundaries with people who didn’t choose that.

I took radical responsibility, not making any person right or wrong for whatever they chose but listening to myself and what I needed.

When someone is tuned into their defined Solar Plexus, they allow their emotions to ride the wave, to be with and process however long they need and to not go into a story about it.

They do not make hasty decisions or go into what makes “logical” sense. This bypasses their emotional intelligence and awareness.

The highest expression of the Solar Plexus is spiritual awareness. They need to listen to when they feel like they are in the mood to do something or not, c’mon they are emotional!

They get to be that, while the rest of us non-emotional beings get to relax, be chill and calm.

The conditioning of the open and undefined Solar Plexus is amplifying the emotional energy around them, processing other people’s emotions, having explosive emotional reactions or for the open Solar Plexus is being in a state of not knowing what to feel.

The gift in this open and undefined center is emotional empathy and sensitivity to other people’s emotions.

7. The Spleen Center

The 9 Centers in Human Design 7. The Spleen Center

Directly across on the other side from the Solar Plexus Center we come to another triangle that is called The Spleen Center and this center is associated with survival instincts, health, and intuition.

It is one of the oldest centers and is also an awareness center.

The Spleen is feminine and intuitive but notice it is not emotional like the Solar Plexus, it is cold. Not in a sense of cold and heartless but in a sense of accessing your intuition without emotions playing a part in it.

Sidenote: The Solar Plexus is emotional and masculine. Now, we have been taught that the feminine is emotional and the masculine is logical, but in Human Design we have a different explanation and system of how these energies operate.

In the defense circuitry on the emotional side (we will get into the channels in an upcoming article) we see that war, defense, and things concerning the tribe are emotional! And through riding our emotional wave we have awareness.

Through the Spleen we also have a defense circuit for the tribe and tribal channels, but the Spleen operates in the now knowing of what to do, yet it is feminine and cold.

Now how does that shift your paradigms?! I am not debating what feminine and masculine is and isn’t I am just relaying what I know through this system. Do with it what you will, take what serves and leave behind what doesn’t.

A defined Spleen Center provides a reliable intuitive knowing and has a consistency with knowing what they need for their health and survival.

When someone has splenic authority or their spleen defined, they can sense danger and their survival instincts will kick in. A healthy defined spleen knows when to let go of a relationship, habit, item, job, environment, etc.

It knows what supports their survival, what they need to survive, and generally experience good health (unless they are living in their not-self or other factors that could be a conditioner in their chart-which can be common!).

The undefined Spleen may result in a constant sense of uncertainty about one’s well-being, be more susceptible of health issues and concerns, and take on the anxieties of those around them.

A common theme we see with the undefined Spleen and conditioning is not knowing when to let go. This could be a relationship, habit, a job, a thing, etc.

If someone is defining another’s undefined or open Spleen even if they are toxic, it may be hard for them to part ways since this center is being defined. The undefined Spleen will experience their intuition inconsistently through their gate(s).

The open Spleen can go between experiencing extreme fears and anxieties to none at all.

This is where we see extreme rope walkers who will walk across very tall buildings, there is no sense of fear in them. They can also feel very disconnected from their intuition.

The gift of the undefined Spleen can tap into other people’s health conditions, have medical intuitiveness of others, and can possess great healing abilities and knowing.

8. The Sacral Center

The 9 Centers in Human Design 8. The Sacral Center

Below the G center and in between the Spleen and Solar Plexus we come to a square that is called The Sacral Center which is the seat of life force, drive, sexual energy, and vitality.

This is another, if not THEE motor center.

When defined, it indicates a consistent source of energy and the ability to sustain effort. Generators and Manifesting Generators have this center defined.

This is where the babies are made, children are taken care of, and brought into existence. There is also consistency and defined energy in sex.

Defined Sacrals and energy types wake up in the morning (if they aren’t nocturnal) and start their day having a defined amount of energy to expend that day.

The defined Sacral is advised to use all their defined energy until it is exhausted and out for the evening. They know when their energy is depleted.

When in alignment and used correctly, the defined Sacral is used for the energy type’s satisfaction. The energy is generative.

So, when they are in response and the Sacral is generating its juicy energy, the energy type’s aura opens and welcomes in others to be around their buzzing energy (you can see our previous articles on going over the Generator, Manifesting Generator, and Human Design Basics for more info).

An undefined Sacral Center may lead to challenges in maintaining energy levels and a tendency to overcommit. This is where the non-energy types are.

The conditioning and struggle with the undefined Sacral are not knowing when enough is enough. This is where we can see addictions and burn out. Since there is no definition in the Sacral, we are not getting a sense of when we are tired or done.

Helpful tips: as an undefined Sacral and non-energy type it is advised that when you sense you are about to get tired you should stop, if you keep pushing yourself beyond the point of your sense tiredness there will be burnout which takes longer for a non-energy type to recover and bounce back from compared to a Generator or Manifesting Generator.

Naps are our best friend!

The undefined Sacral needs to honor their ebbs and flows of energy, to not try and keep up with the energy world as they are designed to function and be different. That they have gifts in other ways.

They experience sexual energy and desires in variable and inconsistently based on their gates and openness. They could also be amplifying and taking on the defined Sacral(s) around them, so it is advised for them to take time to be in their own aura and projectors to sleep alone.

I know that is radical, but don’t shoot the messenger! It is what they advise in the Human Design intel from continually being conditioned by the energy types.

9. The Root Center

The 9 Centers in Human Design 9. The Root Center

Moving down from the Sacral we get to our last center at the bottom that is square shaped, and we call this The Root Center. The Root is associated with stress, pressure, our adrenals, and drive.

The Root Center is also a pressure center and a motor.

A defined Root Center indicates a consistent and healthy approach to pressure, knowing when to take action, and following its drive.

An undefined Root may lead to a constant sense of stress and acting out of their not-self to release the amplified pressure, instead of following their strategy and inner authority. We see a lot of adrenal fatigue in the undefined and open Root too.

The shadow side of the defined Root is pressuring others with an undefined Root to take action based on what they think or could be for their own agenda versus what could support the other.

This is why it is so important to check in with our strategy and inner authority. If we are getting a yes with our inner authority, this can help the undefined Root and experience the course of action it needs to take in variable.

(Reminder: when we have undefined and open centers, we experience these centers inconsistently).

The conditioned undefined and open Root can experience feeling ungrounded and in reaction/response to alleviate the amplified stress and pressure it is interpreting. There can be a pressure to get through things and rush.

Personal Example and helpful tips: I have an undefined Root and what has helped me tremendously is noticing when my mind is telling me I “need” to get through something. It can feel very anxious and overwhelming.

I could be taking on the pressure someone else is putting on me and amplifying that, making up a story, and not listening to what my body is telling me and what it needs.

Our body intelligence is far superior to our mind, so always check in with your body! Take one thing at a time (unless you are a Manifesting Generator and it supports you to juggle a few things at once), moving at my own speed, taking breaks when I need to, and trusting the timing of all things to unfold.

When we rush through things just to alleviate that distorted pressure, we can sabotage what we are working on, we can miss truly being present and enjoying what we are focusing on and doing, and we could be agreeing to something that could be incorrect for us if we do not listen to our inner authority versus listening to other’s opinions and projections.

It can be as unconscious as rushing through a meal instead of truly being present, savoring each bite, and feeling calm and grounded in your body and the savory experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Centers (FAQs):

Q: What Does a Defined Center Mean?

A defined center in Human Design means that the energy within that center is consistent and reliable.

It signifies a trait or characteristic that is stable and consistent in an individual’s behavior and experiences.

A defined center is made up of at least one channel that connects one defined center to another.

Q: What Does an Undefined Center Mean?

An undefined center indicates that the energy within that center is inconsistent and influenced by external factors.

It suggests a potential for variability in traits associated with that center and a susceptibility to external influences.

This is where we see the amplification, absorption, and distortion of energy in the undefined centers.

Q: How Do Centers Affect Decision-Making?

Centers play a crucial role in decision-making within Human Design.

Defined centers provide clarity and consistency in decision-making, while undefined centers may lead to uncertainty, hesitation, conditioning, or dependence on external factors.

This is why it is important to notice where the monkey mind is at place (the open and undefined centers talking and conditioning us into our not-selves) and following our strategy and inner authority.

Q: Can Centers Change in Human Design?

In Human Design, the configuration of defined and undefined centers is considered consistent throughout a person’s life.

However, external influences and experiences can impact how these centers express themselves, leading to shifts in behavior and perceptions.

As you decondition and align to your design the centers can operate in their highest expression.

Q: What Happens When Centers Are Undefined?

Undefined centers can manifest as areas of vulnerability and sensitivity.

Individuals with undefined centers may absorb energy from others, experience challenges in those specific areas, or seek external validation to compensate for the lack of consistency within those centers.

Through the deconditioning process the undefined and open centers provide us great wisdom to learn and teach from.

Q: Do Centers Determine Personality Traits?

While Human Design centers contribute to personality traits, it’s essential to consider the entire chart, including gates, channels, and type, for a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s characteristics.

Centers alone do not determine personality but play a significant role.

Especially our profile and our personality gaits, those constitute more with our personality and who we “think” we are.

Q: How Can I Work with Undefined Centers in Human Design?

Working with undefined centers involves developing self-awareness, setting healthy boundaries, and learning to navigate the variability associated with those centers.

Practices such as mindfulness, energy awareness, and self-reflection can be beneficial.

Q: Can Centers Be Activated or Deactivated in Human Design?

Centers in Human Design are not activated or deactivated.

However, the energy within each center can be influenced by external factors and experiences.

Understanding how centers operate can empower individuals to work with their unique energy configuration for personal growth and self-awareness.

So, readers, what centers do you have defined, undefined, and open? What has your experience been with your centers? We want to hear from you! Did anything pop out even more reading this article?

If you are ready to align to the highest expression of your centers, decondition further, and align to your design reach out to me! You can email me at [email protected] or schedule a FREE consultation here!

We love you so much and are honored to have you with us taking on your experiment! xoxo

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