What is The Projector Type: Unique Strengths, Weaknesses, and Strategies


Understanding what is the projector type in Human Design can help us uncover their unique Strategies, Strengths, and Weaknesses in various aspects of life.

Projectors emerge as having a very distinct and penetrating aura. They are the newest aura type from the other types in Human Design, with only being around for 240+ years on this planet.

Projectors have unique qualities that shape their experiences and interactions that are other oriented. Meaning that they are designed for others.

We will get more into this… I will explain in further detail what that exactly means and looks like so keep reading!

What is The Projector Type?

Projectors, in the realm of Human Design, are individuals with a specific aura that allows them to guide and direct the energies of others. Unlike Generators and Manifesting Generators, Projectors lack a consistent energy source, making their approach to life and relationships distinctive.

Projectors make up about 20% of the population. They are a non-energy type along with the Manifestors and Reflectors.

Projectors have a penetrating, lasering, and absorbing aura. When they follow their strategy and inner authority correctly, their aura focuses on the other person, situation, group, etc. and gives guidance as to what can be effective, move better, and bring success to the other.

Designed for Success!

I have noticed some common contemplations with the projector theme of success and what that looks like.

As a society, we often think of success as having a lot of wealth, doing well in business and career, being well known and respected in what you do, having a happy family, having great health, a hot partner, etc. etc. etc.

But Ra Uru Hu (the founder of Human Design) has said a couple things that contradict this conditioning of what success REALLY is for the projector.

And noting that the projector is the ONLY type that will experience success when they live their design. Not to say that the other types can’t experience their own definition of success, but I am going to explain what success means according to Ra.

Other’s Success is Your Success

So, projectors’ success is tied to others that experience success – example guiding a generator to align to their satisfaction – AND… also, a projector will experience success when they are living as a projector, not trying to keep up with the homogenized energy world.

Meaning, when they are working, or using their energy however they are guided to, it is done in short spurts, taking breaks, resting, and not pushing themselves!

They will be tired before they sense they are really tired. It’s because their undefined and open sacral does not know when enough is enough. Yes… let that sink in for a minute. I know it’s a big one!

But projectors, can you relate?? Have you been so focused on the other that you wondered why the F you were getting so bitter they weren’t taking your advice and guidance?

Or when you were trying to keep up with the energy of all the hustling and bustling of this modernized world, doing it even better than others but not even being recognized for your effort, work, ideas, etc. and feeling extremely burnt out and bitter?? Aka being conditioned to be in your not-self.

Well, let’s look at a couple things as to WHY this happens.

What is The Strategy for Projectors?

Projector’s strategy is a bit different and more complex than the other types. It is sort of a three-fold approach.

The projector will be a master in patience this lifetime if they truly take on their experiment. Ra knew it takes Projectors the longest to decondition through their process.

We are up against way more IMO. There are so many different layers that go into anyone’s chart and a projector’s as well. But we will just be going over some of the basics in this article and common themes for projectors.

So, back to the Projector’s strategy, which will literally save them so much energy, reduce bitterness, and set them up to truly be seen for their amazing wisdom and guidance they possess:

First, is waiting to be recognized.


Second, wait for the invitation.

Strategy, Strategy, Strategy

I am a projector, so I can talk from experience when I accepted an invitation when the recognition wasn’t there… meaning, I truly wasn’t being recognized for my actual gifts, but what someone either projected onto me and expected (a very common theme for a line 5) me to do.

Now, this can happen to anyone and a very unconscious and understandable mistake.

For a projector though, it will condition them to accept the wrong invitations and put them in their not-self. When I say “not-self”, what I mean by that is being out of alignment with who we really are and the natural gifts we are born with. So, the recognition NEEDS to be there first. It turns on the energy for a projector and then the invitation gets to be presented.

Someone can recognize who we are. It is a gift in itself, but without the invitation we CANNOT laser in and guide!!

I have experienced this as well and have heard this from other projectors. Since we are so other focused, we can really sense where there can be a possible invitation, even if it is unspoken.

If you think that is what is happening and the other person hasn’t come out and invited you, you can do a couple things:

Mastering The Art of Waiting for “The Invitation”

1. Ask for clarification.

State what you’ve noticed; that you appreciate them truly seeing you and how you’d love to support them (if your inner authority is guiding you to), what that looks like, and if that is something they are interested in or if they are just looking for a sounding board.

2. Continue to wait for the invitation and focus your energy on things that bring you joy, lightness, and other invitations that are presenting themselves.

A common obstacle we find ourselves in is not waiting. The monkey mind and society does not know how to wait. But waiting is the greatest gift a projector can give themselves.

Projectors can accept invitations out of fearing when the next one will come. But when they follow their inner authority, they will know the ones to accept and decline.

This is a great dance!! A true belief and surrendering of almost everything we have been conditioned and taught.

Next, we will look at the different types of projectors. There are 5 different types of projectors and how they access their inner authority.

Projector Types and Inner Authority:

1. Emotional projector

Seeing how something (an invitation, a person, an environment, etc.) feels. Giving themselves AT LEAST 24-72 hours as they ride their emotional wave to accept or decline an invitation.

I have seen where emotional beings made decisions when they were at their peak highs or low lows. And they didn’t give their emotional system time to ride the wave, which bypasses their inner authority.

Or they get stuck in their mind and not allow themselves to connect with their emotions. To truly acknowledge how something makes them feel.

2. Splenic projector

This is intuition, in the now knowing, like a body whisper and connected to the lymphatic system.

Splenic intuition knows in the moment.

The spleen is one of the oldest centers and connected to health, intuition, fear, danger, and survival.

Alarm bells will go off when it’s a sure-fire “no”! When it’s a “yes”, things will feel calm and gentle, knowing there is no danger, and they can proceed.

3. Ego-projected projector

This is based on what the ego wants and through their willpower. (This type is even more rare than Reflectors!)

4. Self-projected projector

How can they recognize the direction of what their self is guiding them toward? By sound boarding it out with one other person. But the other person should not give feedback or guidance.

That’s how they can hear what they are saying and where they are guiding themselves toward.

5. Mental projector

This one is me!! WOW… so I know why they say it is a 7-year deconditioning experience. My inner authority has been one of the HARDEST things to decondition from. (My view is personal, so I will be sharing from my personal experience).

The mental projector is advised to sound board just like the self-projected projector, but with a few different sound boards. Since they have an undefined/open G center, they will hear themselves say different things with the different people they are sound boarding with and hear the frequency of what they are saying in the presence of their soundboards.

It is IMPERATIVE that the other who is acting as a soundboard does not give their suggestions or opinions. This will confuse the sound boarding process for a mental projector and more so reflects back what the mental projector is saying.

I can tell you firsthand how hard this is for people. When I found out I was a mental projector and started to take this on, put out the disclaimer that I just needed to hear myself talk, people really do not know how to shut up and listen. Haha!!

It is a great mystery and irony. But as I have really taken on the experiment of my design and inner authority and deconditioned the key that really helps me is listening to myself…. allllllll of myself, the voice inside, not the monkey mind, but what I truly know within and then witness what comes out when I am talking to others that I trust.

The Importance of Understanding The Projector Type

As you can see each one has their own unique process of accessing their inner authority and how they accept/decline invitations!!

The projector aura type is a COMPLEX mechanism to fully understand. From my experience it is VERY challenging for energy types to even fathom what it must be like to be a projector.

The significance of comprehending Projectors lies in RECOGNIZING the projectors in your life, and projectors recognizing themselves.

Inviting their gifts and insights out and optimizing their contributions to diverse environments.

Acknowledging their strengths and recognizing where they are conditioning themselves into their not-self unlocks their full potential.

What are The Core Characteristics of Projectors?

Projectors exhibit a heightened sense of awareness. It is not what a projector does, it is their awareness that gets to be recognized. Their ability to deeply understand others’ dynamics allows them to offer valuable insights and guidance.

However, this understanding comes with its set of challenges, shaping their unique role in the Human Design framework.

The deconditioning a projector gets to go through will be around their undefined and open centers, and of course the sacral.

Now, some projectors may have a motor or up to 3 in their chart, making them an energy projector. However, all projectors will need to honor their unique ebbs and flows of energy.

That rest, rejuvenation, and reflecting is what their aura type needs. They will not be able to sustain and keep doing and going. Even energy types need to rest, sleep, and breaks.

The undefined sacral will be conditioned to not know when enough is enough. This can lead to being more susceptible to addictions, overworking, illnesses, and working against their true nature.

Unfortunately, we are not in a society YET where we see people working 2-4 hours a day and then resting, being in their joy, and following their inner authority of what they get to focus on or NOT focus on. Yes, projectors this is meant for you!!

But I believe, the more projectors and ANYONE who takes on their design we create the ripple effect that allows us all to live as our unique true selves!

The Role of a Projector in Human Design

In the Human Design system, Projectors are meant to wait for recognition and invitation rather than initiate actions.

This waiting process aligns with their aura, ensuring that they enter endeavors with the right energy and timing while following their inner authority.

Projectors are the advisors, guides, and as we shift closer to 2027, leaders, but leading in a whole new way!

What does 2027 have to do with anything you might be wondering… stay tuned for upcoming articles on the great mutation we are going through and what Ra prophesized would be occurring.

But back to the topic, projectors are designed to be a MASTER OF A SYSTEM OR SYSTEMS!

It takes at least 7 years to master a system. A generator or other types may have knowledge about something that brings them satisfaction to share with others. A projector, however, is designed to master that system. And the others can tell!

Projectors, have you noticed that you may know something pretty good, not fully a master yet, but definitely more than another type and they are receiving lots of recognition?? Meanwhile it might be crickets at time for you…

Well, it is the aura mechanics of it. It isn’t personal! Just tell that to your monkey mind 100 times a day, lol.

I see a lot of projectors that might be a jack of all trades, but master of none because of the depth and length of time they truly need to master a system and getting impatient, listening to the monkey mind saying, “well maybe I should try this.”

Like a computer, Projectors need to actively retain all the information and awareness they are invited to master in their system.

What are The Strengths of The Projector Type?

Lasering Insight

One of the notable strengths of Projectors is their aura’s ability to laser in on people and situations.

This gift enables them to provide guidance that is often insightful and transformative.

When a projector recognizes someone, it is like seeing someone’s light in their eyes shine and turn on for the first time.

Projectors, this is one of the greatest gifts you can give to someone, so know that it is sacred, special, and deserves to be held with so much reverence and self-respect!

Creating the Path of Least Resistance

Since projectors do not have a defined sacral, they laser in a situation and see where they get to use their energy efficiently.

Energy types can bing-bong (yes, I made up that word, at least I think I did? lol) from place and situation to situation while in response, but with a projector’s guidance they can support the energy type be more in flow, decrease the unnecessary steps, and aligned to use their energy generating in satisfaction.

Releasing the path of resistance, which is usually filled with lots of frustration, and guide them back into their natural state.

Collaboration Skills

The collaborative nature of Projectors makes them effective team players.

They thrive in environments where their insights are valued, fostering a sense of contribution and fulfillment. Projectors are made for collaborations!

Even single definitions (me included), even though there is that natural independence that is in our design, since we do not have a defined sacral, we are designed to have a very special relationship with others and energy types.

What are The Weaknesses of The Projector Type?

Sensitivity to Criticism

A common challenge for Projectors is their sensitivity to criticism.

The impact of negative feedback can be profound, affecting their confidence and overall well-being.

Projectors do not have any sort of energetic buffer, they take in their environment and situation they are sucking it in like a straw, taking in all that energy and absorbing it.

Part of a projector’s theme is recognition, so if that is not met and there is criticism, this can lead to a lot of bitterness.

While we all have things we can improve on, a projector thrives with encouragement and truly being recognized with that they are naturally gifted at and their insights.

Asking them questions, seeing what they are amplifying and absorbing from their environments, can help them return back into their natural aura and recenter.

It supports projectors to be patient with themselves, that other types are patient with them as well, and to be SEEN!! Projectors are designed to know the other, and others recognize the projector.

You will get to know more of who you naturally are as a projector being seen through your gifts and natural abilities.

Energy Sensitivity

Due to their penetrating and lasering aura, Projectors are susceptible to absorbing the energies of those around them. Managing this sensitivity is crucial to prevent emotional and energetic burnout.

Ra jokingly said Projectors are like cannibals. That if they would not “eat” the energy of the other person or environment they were “plugging” into, that that person/environment was not correct for them.

The pickier we give ourselves permission to be with our invitations, the more our aura works for us.

Projectors don’t need to put themselves into situations that leave them feeling drained and bitter! You get to be in spaces that recognize you and feel like success!

Struggles with Boundaries

Projectors may face difficulties in establishing and maintaining boundaries, often leading to overcommitment. Learning to set clear limits is essential for their overall balance.

Deconditioning through your undefined and open centers and seeing what not-self voices are talking, can help with maintaining better boundaries.

For example, if a projector has an open ego it might want to prove themselves by overcommitting, saying yes to something their inner authority is saying no to, rather than knowing they have nothing to prove. (We will go more in-depth as to what the open and undefined centers sound like and their conditioning as well in our next upcoming articles! So, stay tuned!)

What are The Advantages in Relationships for Projectors?

Compatibility with Other Types

Projectors complement the energies of other types, fostering symbiotic relationships.

Understanding their compatibility enhances the quality of personal and professional connections.

As we mentioned earlier, projectors are designed for collaboration!

They are here to guide the other.

When we look at a projector’s design, we see exactly what type of collaboration they will thrive in i.e. partnerships, small businesses, large corporations, etc.

When we look at a composite chart (taking two charts and running them together) we can see what that partnership looks like in business or a relationship as well.

Enhancing Personal Connections

In personal relationships, Projectors bring depth and insight, contributing to the growth and enrichment of the connection. Their ability to guide and support makes them valuable partners.

There is something very special and specific about a projector’s lasering ability and insight into the other. You just don’t see that too much from the other types.

When you have a projector in your life, their awareness is their gift, it’s who they are. When you can really recognize that in the projector you are also allowing them to shine more in their aura and gifting them the energy of recognition.

I am telling you it is like breathing for projectors!

Common Challenges in Relationships for Projectors:

Potential for Codependency

Projectors may encounter challenges in expressing their needs and desires.

Since they are so other focused, this can sometimes create codependency of guiding the others into their theme.

For example, if a generator is frustrated with something, this can be amplified in the projector’s undefined sacral.

The projector will want to guide the generator back to satisfaction and sometimes do it to their own detriment.

Developing effective communication strategies is essential for building strong and enduring relationships.

Knowing when you aren’t being invited, if something is draining you, and practicing healthy boundaries will help conserve your energy and decrease any chances of bitterness.

Navigating Emotional Dynamics

The emotional sensitivity of Projectors can create complexities in relationships. Navigating these dynamics requires a balance between empathy and self-care.

Even though projectors are designed to know the other, they get to know themselves just as well!

To understand the level of your sensitivity, where you are being conditioned and practicing your inner authority will support in knowing what is yours and what isn’t.

Like if a projector has an open emotional center, they may consider themselves to be EXTREMELY emotional prior to knowing Human Design.

However, they are designed to be non-emotional, and they are actually being conditioned, amplifying and absorbing in their emotional center from the emotions of others around them.

So, through the deconditioning process, checking in, reflecting, and letting the emotions pass through you will get to a more neutral emotional space, use your sensitivity as a gift, BECAUSE IT IS!! and not let it overpower you.

How to Overcome Your Weaknesses as a Projector?

Self-Awareness Practices

Projectors can overcome their weaknesses through their deconditioning process and utilizing self-awareness practices.

Understanding their triggers and implementing strategies for emotional resilience is crucial for personal growth.

The best thing for a projector to do is learn their design alongside their preferred practices of self-growth, mindset tools, and self-care.

When you follow your strategy and inner authority, you will get invited to modalities that are aligned to your journey and design. That’s just how it works! (At least from my experience).

Honoring Your “No’s” to Invitations

Like we mentioned above, learning to establish and maintain healthy boundaries is a transformative journey for Projectors. This empowers them to navigate relationships and work environments more effectively.

When we start our process of aligning to a projector, the invitations can feel scarce at times. The mind doesn’t understand the process of waiting and so when an invitation comes it can feel like a breath of fresh air.

But if your inner authority is telling you “NO WAY!” You get to practice trusting and honoring that no.

Ra said that waiting for the right invitation, and it could just be one, can keep you busy for the rest of your life. Can you imagine that?

Frequently Asked Questions About The Projector Type (FAQs):

What is the role of Projectors in Human Design?

Projectors play the role of guides and advisors, waiting for recognition and invitation before engaging in activities.

How can Projectors improve their communication skills?

Projectors can enhance their communication by actively listening, waiting for the recognition and invitation to provide their input, articulating thoughts clearly, and seeking positive feedback for continual improvement.

Do Projectors face challenges in relationships?

Yes, Projectors may face challenges such as communication struggles, codependency, sensitivity to criticism, and navigating emotional dynamics in relationships.

Can Projectors overcome their sensitivity to criticism?

Projectors can overcome sensitivity to criticism through self-awareness, self-love, deconditioning, taking on their design, and releasing situations, people, and environments that bring out bitterness (if their inner authority is guiding them to do so).

How do Projectors navigate energy sensitivity?

Projectors navigate energy sensitivity by practicing energy-clearing techniques, self-recognition, setting boundaries, and ensuring regular self-care.

What are effective self-awareness practices for Projectors?

Effective self-awareness practices for Projectors include mindfulness, journaling, and seeking guidance from other projector mentors or coaches.


In conclusion, in order to understand what is the Projector Type in human design, you need to dive deep into the intricate workings and mysterious mechanics of this new aura.

Embracing their unique qualities, Projectors can navigate life with grace, contributing meaningfully to relationships and endeavors.

Projectors our time is coming if not already here!!

If you are in your experiment process, waiting, and wanting to dive deeper into your design let’s connect! It is my honor and privilege to provide this intel to you, to invite you into your success, and joy that you get to live!!

If you would like to schedule a FREE 30-min consultation with me to learn how to live your design as a projector CLICK HERE!

4 Responses

  1. Wow! This describes me to a “T” Lauren. Thank you so much for this amazing article 🙏

    I recently discovered that I’m a Splenic Projector. It explains so much why I struggle with sales. I need an invitation and just trying to sell or push my offer or ser vices without a connection or an invitation is so weird for me. Also, I struggle with getting paid for my gifts and services, putting a price on them. I guess seeing my worth is an issue. When I offer a free masterclass, I’m happy and satisfied, but when I put a price, I get overwhelmed with racing thoughts and don’t feel good about it at all lol…I guess it must be a projector thing.

    I struggled with boundaries all my life. Attracting toxic people and having a hard time to say NO and doing too much for others and then burn out. I found that out when I had my first born daughter. I didn’t rest or practice self care and struggled with postpartum depression.

    People are naturally attracted to my energy. Strangers tend to warm up to me and open up and tell me their problems. I get random people message me on FB or Instagram for advice. Telling me they feel they can trust me.

    I am also a magnet for toxic people and narcissists as well. They LOVE me haha! I’m their sounding board. Setting boundaries definitely helped me in that department! I don’t take their sh*& anymore😉

    Loved this article so much and I totally resonate with it. Knowing and living by your Human Design traits helps so much and opens new doors!

    Love & Blessings to you Lauren🙏💗

    1. Wow!! What a powerful share Wendy! Thank you so much for opening up and sharing your experience as a Splenic Projector!! Yes, it is very common for the projector aura type to attract in others who feel like they can open up to us. It is definitely a theme I have seen and also have experienced myself! What a gift to have this awareness and powerful tools to help manage with your magnetic aura. Aligning to the projector and business is also a new ball game that we will be getting into in later articles, so stay tuned for those!! I am contemplating a couple ideas to expand and support more and will keep you posted! xoxo

  2. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and this system Lauren! I feel resonate deeply with this as a projector—people are either sooo magnetized to me or say I’m very intense! I appreciated all the simple yet powerful tools you offered up for mindfulness and to create more self awareness too. xox

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback, Nisa! So interesting about your magnetic aura or if it is being interpreted as intense. Well magnetism and the projector laser are INTENSE! hahah! Only our correct fractal will be drawn to it and recognize our gifts! xoxo

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