What is The Reflector Type: Unique Strengths, Weaknesses, and Strategies


In order to understand what is the reflector type in human design, its strengths and weaknesses, we need to dive deep into the unique characteristics and challenges faced by people from this type.

Reflectors, constituting a mere 1% of the population, bring a distinct energy to the human design system.

They are said to be the “unicorns” of the types. While we are all uniquely individual with our design (and there are other aspects of someone’s chart that are even lower than 1% of a chance to have), we are going to go over this rare type and the influence the Reflector aura has.

What is The Reflector Type in Human Design:

Reflectors are a rare type in Human Design. They are characterized by having all nine energy centers open/undefined (meaning that all 9 centers are white). This openness makes Reflectors highly sensitive to external influences, shaping their experiences and interactions.

The MOST important thing for a Reflector is that they know they are their environment and who they spend their time and energy with.

They reflect back the energy, so if an environment and/or people is bringing disappointment to a Reflector-which is their not-self theme, they know that that environment, situation, group of people, person, etc. will be incorrect for them.

The Unique Role of Reflectors

Reflectors play a unique role as mirrors, reflecting the health and dynamics of the energies around them. Their ability to reflect the collective mood makes them invaluable in providing insights into the well-being of a community or group.

Reflectors are like the wise and sage oracles of the types. Their aura is like Teflon, they take in and sample the energy, experience, person, etc. and reflect it back.

I have noticed that other types may complain or have a judgement about a Reflector, when in fact they are just reflecting back to what they are picking up from the other.

We are in a sense all mirrors of one another, but the Reflector will show you EXACTLY what is going on within yourself, the field, and environment.

The Reflector can get lost in this very conditioned, homogenized, and energetic world.

With having no definition and being a non-energy type, how does a Reflector know who they are, what is correct for them, and how to tap into their intuition or as we call it in Human Design, inner authority, and know their correct path?

Well let’s get into it!

What are The Core Characteristics of Reflectors:

Reflectors possess the unique distinction of having all energy centers open/undefined like we mentioned above, making them like sponges, absorbing the energies of the people and environment around them and reflecting it back.

This openness grants them an extraordinary capacity for empathy and understanding.

They have the capacity to awaken 100 generators when they are in alignment with their theme, which is surprise, or they can keep 100 generators asleep when they are living in their not-self.

That is how POWERFUL and influential their aura is!!

Lunar Cycle Influence

The Lunar Cycle significantly influences Reflectors, with the Moon’s transits impacting their energy levels and experiences. Tracking the lunar phases becomes crucial for Reflectors to align with their own rhythms and timing.

The moon changes every 10-11 hours, so tracking the astrological forecast as well as the transits supports Reflectors in knowing what is influencing them.

Reflectors are lunar beings; they have a very special relationship with the moon cycles, and this is how they tap into their inner authority.

For big decisions it is recommended to wait one lunar cycle (about 28-29 days) and track your “yes’s” and “no’s” to the decision. Then tally up which option had the most.

Reflectors also want to see where their moon gate is being connected with in the transits, and if it shifts their inner authority.

For example, let’s say that a Reflector has gate 9 and during a transit, the moon is in gate 52 and connects with gate 9. For that brief transit, they are being influenced to be connected to their gut more.

The key here is to experiment with this, see if for this brief transit, you are noticing more of a gut response (or wherever the transit is lighting up your moon gate) and see what comes through.

Going back to the Reflector’s strategy and inner authority they are to wait 28 days for big decisions and trust their lunar authority aka their inner authority.

What are The Strengths of The Reflector Type:


One of the notable strengths of Reflectors is their exceptional adaptability. They can navigate various environments and social groups, bringing a chameleon-like quality to their interactions.

A key factor here is to give themselves time to feel into these places and people.

Are there feelings of disappointment present with a certain environment? Specific people? Are you surprised and in awe of what you are sampling and who you are with?

The theme for a Reflector is being in the surprise and awe of what they are sampling and reflecting back. They will be conditioned to be in their not-self when they tolerate and accept disappointment.

Mystical Oracles and Influencers

Reflectors possess heightened awareness, allowing them to tap into the collective unconscious and gain profound insights. They have the gift of reflecting back what is going on in the collective, both positively and negatively.

*Some examples of well-known reflectors are*- Sandra Bullock, the hugging saint-Mata Amritanandamayi, Teal Swan-spiritual leader, influencer, and author- and Michael Jackson (depending on his correct birth time-it may shift to him being a projector, but I believe he was a Reflector and reflected the positive of his musical talents, abilities, spirit, and the negative culture and health of the industry).


Due to their openness, Reflectors make excellent evaluators!

For example, if a company or project wants objective feedback of where they are, a Reflector will naturally mirror the strengths and weaknesses of the environment.

They are designed to mirror back the health of a person, group, and/or environment.

What are The Weaknesses of The Reflector Type:

Reflectors can be highly emotionally sensitive, absorbing not only their own emotions but also the emotions of those around them. This sensitivity can be overwhelming and challenging to navigate.

Getting Lost in the Open and Undefined Centers

With so much openness in their chart and no definition there can be a lot of not-self themes at play here with the not-self 9 centers talking.

The greatest gift with so much openness is knowing that Reflectors are not defined by any of these 9 centers! They are here to see past the conditioning of the emotional chaos of the world (emotional solar plexus center), not trying to prove one’s self-worth (ego center), amplifying and distorting the life force center (sacral center) and so on.

They don’t need to have a defined persona (G center), defined way of thinking and believing (head and ajna center), and their undefined/open throat allows them to communicate to multiple audiences as it adapts to the people it is communicating to.

A Reflector in their signature/theme of surprise is truly being in the presence of a saint, it is meeting yourself essentially and being reminded of the God, Creator, Source, Buddha, Allah, etc. in you. That is their gift.

They can also reflect back and pummel down those around them when they are living a life of disappointment.

I am telling you the Reflector’s aura is NO JOKE!!

Reflectors, you give yourself and the world a HUGE service to awaken! To allow yourself to explore the surprise and awe of life! You do not need to keep up with the energy world! You are mystical, you are the greatest mirror anyone can look into.

Honor yourself and your uniqueness! You do not need to be like anyone else, but you! That is the gift Human Design allows all of us to receive. The permission slip to follow our strategy and inner authority and let the rest play out.

How exciting and empowering is that?!

Longer Process of Decision Making

The need for regular reflection, checking in, and slowing down with processing and decision making is a strength IMO.

The conditioning and others who may not understand Human Design, may see this as a “weakness.” Especially the homogenized energy world where everything is in response and moving fast.

While it enhances their decision-making with their lunar authority, it also makes them vulnerable to feeling overwhelmed and indecisive.

When a Reflector honors their 28-day lunar process of making decisions, they give themselves a great freedom! In a world that is conditioned to make decisions quick and fast, it can feel a bit doom and gloom at first. However, let’s look at this through a different perspective.

What do you think could improve if people allowed themselves to take longer to make decisions instead of acting on impulse and pressure if that is not correct for them? What has happened to our world based on people who react from emotions, fear, scarcity, etc.?

I’ll tell you, a whole lot of unnecessary BULLSHIT!!!

*Sidenote: * I am a heretic so I will go there! I am here to share my heresy and call it like I see it. I will also give you hope and practical solutions to live your design as well as outlining all the positives and what is waiting for you as you choose your experiment!

No more suffering, no more unnecessary BS, and no more living outside of who you were INTENTIONALLY created to be! Who is with me?! (schedule a consultation call here and I will look into your Human Design for free)

Vulnerability to External Influences

Reflectors may find themselves overly influenced by external energies, leading to challenges in maintaining personal boundaries.

This vulnerability requires conscious effort to manage. Checking in with your signature, “did that surprise me? do I feel a sense of awe of what I sampled?” or “that experience left me feeling disappointed.”

These two guideposts and check-ins are your customized cosmic GPS!

You are here to be inspired and delighted by the mysteries of life! Your external environment will affect you the most!

Checking in daily, noticing when it arises will continue to guide you in the correct direction for you!

Let your signature theme and not-self reference point be your guide!

What are The Best Strategies for Reflectors:

Embracing Regular Solitude

Reflectors benefit from regular solitude to cleanse, and release absorbed energies. This practice ensures they remain grounded and connected to their authentic selves.

There is a HUGE debate going on right now in the collective of couples sleeping alone in their own respective rooms. How outside of the norm is this?!

Well, for a non-energy type or someone who is open, sensitive, and easily conditioned by other people’s definition… it is HIGHLY needed!!

Taking time to be in your own aura, cleansing and releasing other’s auras you’ve taken in will help reset you and support your sanity!

Tracking the Transits

Reflectors, check in with the astrological forecasts and transits! You are influenced the most as you are connected to the ebbs and flows of the moon cycles.

If they are feeling one way one minute and then notice a sudden shift, it may be the transit and/or moon shifting into its new position.

I know as being a Mental Projector, understanding astrology, the influences of the planetary aspects, and transits really helps navigate the cosmic energies for me being so open, with only 3 defined centers.

So, for a Reflector having NO definition, it is going to be even more impactful and important to understand their unique relationship to these astrological shifts and the neutrino stream (the information that is coming through that is tied to the specific transits).

Seeking Guidance from Trusted Advisors

Reflectors can enhance their unique selves and receive support through their deconditioning process by seeking guidance from trusted advisors or confidants.

External perspectives offer valuable insights that contribute to informed choices during their timely processing.

If a Reflector takes on their experiment via their Human Design, it is in their best interest for them to find a coach, reader, and/or consultant that can help them lean into their lunar authority, gain clarity of what environments and people bring out in them via their signature or not-self, and most importantly decondition through their 9 undefined and open centers.

What are The Advantages in Relationships for The Reflector Type:

Relationship Mirrors

Want to understand who you are in relationship? All the positive, negatives, and unconscious attributes you possess? Then find yourself a Reflector and see what they reflect back to you.

You will have the ability to see the brightest light of your being and the unhealed versions of yourself that you are still operating from.

Reflectors, you are the sage oracles. The relationships you choose are very important to your well-being.

You are like the relationship thermometer. Your aura has so much power in the collective. Your reflection is EVERYTHING!

Allow yourself to be the mirror of what people, environments, and atmospheres you sample.

The best relationships will be with those that like, love, and accept themselves, and possibly have good electromagnetics between the two of you! (Stay tuned for articles on electromagnetics and relationships!)

Providing Unique Perspectives

In relationships, Reflectors offer unique perspectives that enrich the emotional and intellectual landscape. Their ability to mirror feelings and thoughts brings depth to personal connections.

A Reflector has the potential to reflect back so much light or darkness of a situation. This can penetrate and influence a huge population of people around them.

What are The Biggest Challenges in Relationships for Reflectors:

Navigating Emotional Dynamics

The emotional sensitivity of Reflectors can create challenges in relationships. Open communication and a shared understanding of their unique nature are essential for navigating these dynamics.

Reflectors’ openness can create a sense of loss, confusion, and disappointment with no definition in their centers. The deconditioning process will be super intense, as the homogenized world is attached to so much of “this” and “that.”

With the 10–11-hour lunar cycles shifting, this can also be a lot to handle for such an open and sensitive being. You may appear one way one minute and sure of a situation and then with the lunar cycle changing, be influenced by the new transit and feeling, thinking, and guided a completely different way.

This could be challenging for those people you are in relationship with that are not as fluid, allowing, and more rigid. Allow in secure individuals, those that understand what it means to be a Reflector, and that are familiar with Human Design. It will support you in living your authentic path!

Communication Struggles

Reflectors may face struggles in expressing their own needs and emotions. Developing effective communication skills is vital for fostering healthy and transparent relationships.

With having an undefined or open throat, the Reflector may not know when to speak up, when to stop talking, what emotions are theirs (undefined/open emotional solar plexus center) and all the not-self voices coming from their other undefined and open centers.

It is important that others invite and encourage communication and respecting your unique timing with things.

How to Overcome Weaknesses as a Reflector:

Emotional Resilience Practices

Reflectors can build emotional resilience through practices like mindfulness, meditation, and self-care.

These practices help them navigate emotional sensitivity and overwhelm with greater ease.

Developing Effective Communication

Enhancing communication skills involves Reflectors expressing their needs and emotions clearly.

This development fosters understanding and strengthens relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Reflector Type (FAQs):

How do Reflectors make decisions?

Reflectors make decisions by following their lunar authority as mentioned above. Following the transits and allowing 28 days of tracking how they feel about a big decision. Any force or pressure will throw them into their not-self.

What is the significance of the Lunar Cycle for Reflectors?

The Lunar Cycle significantly influences Reflectors’ energy levels and experiences, requiring them to track lunar phases for optimal well-being and decision making.

Can Reflectors overcome emotional sensitivity?

Reflectors can overcome emotional sensitivity through emotional resilience practices, fostering a healthy balance. Emotional sensitivity is a gift! To have empathy in a world where it is conditioned to not be valued, is complete baloney!! Empathy saves lives and is one of the core foundations in relationships.

How do Reflectors navigate vulnerability to external influences?

Reflectors navigate vulnerability to external influences by establishing clear boundaries, practicing regular reflection, and seeking guidance from trusted sources.

Is regular solitude essential for Reflectors?

Yes, regular solitude is crucial for Reflectors to release absorbed energies, maintain balance, and connect with their authentic selves.

How can Reflectors thrive in relationships?

Reflectors can experience relationship success by reflecting and understanding emotional dynamics, following their lunar authority and checking in with their theme and signature. fostering deep connections in relationships with great communication and honesty.


Reflectors in Human Design bring a unique perspective and energy to the world.

Understanding the Reflector type and their uniqueness, strategy, strengths and weaknesses, allows for greater appreciation and collaboration.

Embracing their adaptability, intuition, and reflective nature, Reflectors play a vital role in enriching the collective human experience.

Reflectors, what has been your experience? Can you relate? Do you know a Reflector and see the power of their aura and influence? We want to hear from you!

If you are ready to live in your signature and theme, decondition from the outdated paradigms, and live as your authentic self, schedule a FREE 30-minute Human Design Reading and Consultation with Coach Lauren!

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