A Revolutionary Key for Generators & Manifesting Generators!

"Waiting is not the same thing as being stuck. Waiting is alive and present, stuck is stagnant."-Ra Uru Hu

A Revolutionary Key for Generators & Manifesting Generators, what oh what could that be?!

If you are an energy type that is tired of being frustrated (oh the drudged word of the not-self!) and looking for a way to regain control of how your energy is being spent, then this article is definitely for you!

Keep reading, take notes, contemplate, and feel into your inner authority of where your sacred GPS is guiding you to dive deeper into your design, your freedom, ultimate path to liberation, and destiny!

(Too dramatic?? Maybe, that’s just my open Solar Plexus talking – and/or the truth! :))

(To learn more about the 9-centers of the bodygraph click here!)

Let’s Go Back to Strategy!

You may be wondering what the revolutionary key for generators and manifesting generators that could possibly shift the scales?

What is the underlining subtle, but so obvious explanation that could have them experiencing more aligned satisfaction?!

(To review and catch up on the generator aura type click here!)

(To review and catch up on the manifesting generator aura type click here!)

Well, I have one question for you dear energy type: are you reacting or responding to your outside stimulus??

When things get frustrating do you give yourself a moment to wait before you respond? Or do you react instantly?

I get it, even as a non-energy type reacting to things that are triggering, frustrating, things that feel like they need to be taken care of NOW can feel so real and overwhelming.

The Matrix is Real!

But oh, dear one, that is where the false self will get you!

That is where the monkey mind is at play and has you by the grips of keeping you in your conditioning, homogenization, all your limiting beliefs and you guessed it… frustration.

Ra Uru Hu (founder of the human design system, click here to learn more about him and his origin story) said that our minds are designed for outer authority.

That when our minds can be the passenger and witness to what its observing, then that’s how we really take advantage of experiencing the maya (the illusion of being here on this earth plane).

When we fall into the mind, let it be the authority, then we are locked back into the matrix.

There is a simple & profound shift that could align you to your theme better AND faster. So, what’s the key in all this?? I mentioned it a bit above, but let’s really get into it.

Reacting = Frustration Nation!

DO NOT… I repeat DO NOT react to your outside stimulus. Follow your strategy and WAIT to Respond.

There is a fine line between reacting and waiting to respond.

As an energy type your external stimulus is what you’re here to respond to.

But are you going through the motions? Reacting to things beyond your control? Wasting your energy? Not waiting and going into frustration?

Responding & Reacting can seem almost the same to an energy type, but one will drain you and the other strategy will fuel you.

When you notice you are reacting- meaning your not-self has taken over, you feel drained already, triggered, etc. give yourself permission for a sacred pause.

Bonus Revolutionary Key: Mindfulness Tools

The one thing that I see a lot of the human design community deign to recognize of the utmost importance are mindfulness tools, especially meditation.

We have been in an era where our minds have been HUNGRY! Hungry for knowledge, hungry to know, hungry to digest. And an egoic hunger that can never truly be satiated.

Our minds are sneaky, sneaky devils.

Without reflection, without contemplation, without other tools that your strategy and authority bring you to, human design can just be another thing our egos can disguise us to be in a superior/inferior complex.

That is why not only do I practice a revolutionary meditation technique (click here to learn more and tell them I sent you!), but I also integrate a variety of tools with my clients as they learn their design.

The Waiting Game

Waiting is not the same thing as being stuck. Waiting is alive and present, stuck is stagnant. -Ra Uru Hu

We have been conditioned to have so much shi*t around waiting.

“I cannot wait for things to pass me by.”

“I need to take action.”

“If it’s to be, it’s up to me.”

Yeah, even in the self-development and motivational industry I see this… A LOT! And, yet it is another form of conditioning.

To truly wait, is an act of defying social norms.

We have been conditioned and reinforced, like a badge of honor, to be non-stop working machines. Instead of healthy, functioning and self-regulating human beings.

Now I am not saying abandon your intention and flop on the couch and watch Netflix for a few months while you wait.

But hey sometimes that may be what’s needed for your vehicle (body). Who is to say, but YOU! You and your inner authority.

91% of the population is designed to wait, and even manifestors who are non-energy types need down time and rest too.

(To learn more about manifestors and their aura type click here!)

Can you give yourself permission to wait? To come back to center and follow your authority.

It takes practice and experimenting with these nuances to truly align to your design, to live in satisfaction, and have your generative energy be used in the way that it feels good for YOU!

The world is changing, we are going through a global and collective turn of the wheel, the old is falling away and the era of self-individualization is upon us.

Are you ready to get off the hamster wheel??

As a projector I have been witnessing this more and more with energy types and have been guided to share this intel with you.

(To learn more about the projector aura type click here!)

To be able to see with ease and efficiency, to offer insight and wisdom to those looking for it.

Are you ready to live your design, have breakthroughs in your levels of living life and how you get to use your energy??

Let’s chat! It is always an honor to guide and align beautiful souls to their design and true selves. 

Not an energy type, but know someone who is? Send them this article if you think it could benefit them, please and thank you!

If you are ready to dive deeper into your design and experience new levels of guidance, wisdom, direction and satisfaction click here to schedule a session or email me at: [email protected] with any questions and coaching inquiries!

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