How Self-Care & Healing via Human Design Saved My Life! (Pt 1)

What exactly is self-care? It is the action steps we take to care and fully nurture ourselves. To make sure that we are being as radically accountable for our human experience and putting our self-love into action.

How Self-Care & Healing via Human Design Saved My Life! (Part 1)-this ain’t no joke, so buckle up!

Inspiration: 30-Day Self-Care Challenge!

This article series, How Self-Care & Healing via Human Design Saved My Life, was inspired by my previous participation in a 30-Day challenge and my clients and community! As well as following my strategy and authority of living as a projector. We just recently started the launch of our 30-Day Self-Care Challenge at the start of April, and it has been profound to say the least!

This series is more from my own personal experience and view. Most of the other articles on this blog are based around teachings and concepts around Human Design. So, this is a bit of a different take!

As a projector in Human Design, we are recognized and invited to share our gifts. I truly never know where the recognition and invitation will come from. But as I have been on this journey of experimentation and Human Design, I can tell you that 6 years in, I think I am somewhat getting the hang of it! Haha

Originally, I was going to create this as one article, but as the writing process transpired, I realized I had a lot to say! It might be a little overwhelming for you to take it all in at once, so, through a little experimentation I am going to split this up.

Not sure how many parts this has, but it is my intention this sparks introspection, inspiration, hope, and whatever step(s) you need to contemplate and thus take on your journey of self-discovery and self-love.

Thanks for being here and taking the time to read this special part of my life. You have no idea what it means! I hope you enjoy!

Self-Care, what is it?

What exactly is self-care? It is the action steps we take to care and fully nurture ourselves. To make sure that we are being as radically accountable for our human experience and putting our self-love into action (from my perspective). And more specifically, the daily healthy habits that benefit our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. These can include but are not limited to (and feel free to journal on these as well):

  1. What you feed your mind and body: What are you reading, watching, and listening to? What are you putting in your body?
  2. Emotional processing, healing, and EQ (Emotional Intelligence): Do you allow yourself to process your emotions? Is personal development and self-growth support (i.e. therapy, journaling, meditation, etc.) part of your life?
  3. Physical Engagement and Activity: Are you engaging in some sort of physical activity daily or 5-7 times a week? This doesn’t have to be a rigorous workout, it could be 5-10 minutes of dancing, tai chi, taking a walk, stretching, etc.
  4. Spiritual Practice/Meditation: What do you believe in? And do you trust in what you cannot see? Does it come from a place of love? Do you have a meditation practice?
  5. Community and Relationships: Do you have relationships where you feel seen, heard, and can fully be your authentic self? Do they inspire you? Do you learn from them? Is there safety and connection? Do you practice healthy boundaries?

Now, whatever answers came up to these questions, I want to emphasize that there is NO JUDGMENT! We all have our own personal journey with self-care. For most of my life there was A LOT of struggles with unhealthy habits. There was overeating, toxic and codependent relationships, and participating in activities that were detrimental to my peace and sanity.

Therapy: A Look into the Abyss

I would go to therapy off and on ever since I was a kid. It would feel like I was just going in circles most of the time with the talk therapy procedure without really breaking through the areas I wanted to. Can you relate? However, therapy did help me in a lot of ways for me to be able to talk about my inner world and my feelings, so I see how it did serve me as well!

When getting introduce to Human Design in 2018 my life radically started to change. The universe was about to launch a very bumpy, unpredictable and beautiful ride into my initiation of trying to understand what it meant to be a projector and truly live life by this thing called human design.

The Bumpy Path to Healing

First Transformational Experience

Now let’s back up a bit and start from the beginning. I first got introduced into transformational work in 2013. Transformational work is more of an experiential learning process, where you are doing active exercises in a group setting to process deep emotions and traumas. It was and is AMAZING! The company at the time was called World Works (now they go by Elevate Leadership Community) and based in Orange County.

That was the first time I felt like I came alive and were with my kind of people. I am so grateful for the leaders, president, and founders of that organization-Lisa Kalmin, Lynne Sheridan, and Gabriel Nossovitch who stood for all of our healing and transformation when our egos wanted to keep us small, in blame, and identifying to a past version that no longer was serving us. It was the first steppingstone of understanding my existence on this planet and shifting my victim consciousness into purpose.

This experience ignited a new thought process in my brain- possibilities. Lisa was the first powerful in your face woman I had the pleasure of experiencing and being in her presence. She called it like she saw it and pointed out people’s bullshit from a radical place of love. She FOUGHT for you.

It may have been hard to witness at the time, but I thought wow, now that is a way of being! I don’t know if Lisa ever realized what she seeded in me and how much of an impact she made in my life as I started this work, but I will always have the utmost respect and gratitude for her as well for the people associated with the organization.

Continuing the Act of Self-Care

After that experience in 2014 I hired my first spiritual life coach-shout out to Lauren Kay Wyatt!!! (who also was part of the World Works community) I love you forever and always, as you showed me the way back into my soul and saw me for my soul gifts for the first time!!-after one of the biggest heartbreaks of my life.

Self-Investment was a new concept to me. Going against a lot of my family’s programming around money and how I was taught to cope with things…which was usually very toxic. Self-Investment has radically been part of my self-love and self-care practice over the years. When we invest our resources wisely in ways that benefit our well-being not only does it help ourselves, but it also helps those around us.

Hiring Lauren started leading me to my massive “coming home” and peek into spiritual awakening. The concept of God was locked out of me for a long time. That’s what my trauma did, it put the universe and everyone else against me. I had given away my power to all outside circumstances instead of listening to that voice within, or what we refer to in Human Design as our Inner Authority.

As a Mental Projector, we are said to have no inner authority. What a conundrum right?! But as I continue to do the healing work as I live my design, I see that my sound boarding process of my inner authority is like listening to a light voice and knowing within.

(To learn more about Projectors and their inner authority click here!)

Diving Timing-“being in the right place, at the right time.” “Belief that everything happens at a perfect time.”

It was very much BABYSTEPS till I was able to really get my shit together. I want to emphasize the timing of things. It took me quite a while to come to a place of accountability. It was very messy for years. So, wherever you are and however long you’ve been in your healing journey, trust divine timing. The mind wants us to go through things fast and get to the end. But that’s not what this is about. That’s not how this whole thing goes, unfortunately haha.

Dark Night of the Soul

Fastforward, in September 2017 moving to Austin, Texas with my then boyfriend- I thought “okay, freedom at last”! Being hopeful to now start my life, away from my past and create something great! However, the universe had other plans.

About 4 or 5 months after the move to Austin my dad was diagnosed with leukemia and my whole world went upside down. In those short 6 months until he passed, I found out about Human Design, started indulging in meditation more, was connecting more to the spiritual realm, and my relationship of 3 1/2 years was slowly disintegrating.

I would have visions I was connecting with my dad’s spirit, knew what was going on across different states (him and my family being in California), and came to a place of complete surrender. It was all so very new for me, lonely, and overwhelming to say the least. So, about 3 weeks before I turned 30 my dad passed away and my relationship fell apart and ended. It was all very unexpected, Earth shattering, a new place of unknown territory, and the start of my “dark night of the soul.”

A dark night of the soul is when you are going through an initiation process where you are cracked wide open and faced with all your demons, and coincidentally being met with the unseen, the spiritual, and divine forces that have been trying to wake you up all this time. It took me a little over a year to really get out of this darkness.

Therapy and my therapist at the time 100% saved my life, hands down. If it wasn’t for that space, I don’t know where I would have been or had gotten through that period of time in my life.

The Suspense is Real! Part 2 Awaits!

So, this is where part 1 ends my friends. Stay tuned for Part 2 as I go into how I transitioned out of my dark night of the soul, where my healing was gearing more towards, how the pandemic influenced me in the most unexpected ways, and what tools really supported me through the process – especially with Human Design!

Can you relate to what we went over so far? What stood out to you and was relatable? Have you been initiated into your spiritual awakening? Are you familiar with transformational work? Where are you in your Human Design experiment?

I’d love to hear from you! Your positive feedback means the absolute world to me ❤ I am so blessed to be able to do this work and be able to share it with you!

If you would like to receive laser guidance in your spiritual awakening alongside with igniting the powers of your Human Design let’s connect! You can send me an email at [email protected] or you can book a 30-min complimentary consultation with me here! We can take a look at your chart and see if we are a match to create some magic together! Xoxo

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