How Self-Care & Healing via Human Design Saved My Life! (Pt 2)

“When someone makes a decision, he is really diving into a strong current that will carry him to places he had never dreamed of when he first made the decision.”-Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

How Self-Care & Healing via Human Design Saved My Life! (Part 2)- yes, we are back for the next part of this series!

Hello Dear Reader, we left off from part 1 with things coming to a head during my dark night of the soul experience. Talk about a ROUGH Saturn Return😅 Crash and burn baby!

What is a Saturn Return?

Fun little fact: A Saturn Return happens occurs roughly every 27-29 years for each person. In astrology Saturn represents the father, karma, law, structure, and discipline. So, when we experience a Saturn return, things usually get shaken up to say the least if things are out of order! And boy, did they?!

If you didn’t get a chance to read part 1 of this series, click here!

One of My Greatest Achievements: Sobriety- the Ultimate Act of Self-Care

Now back to part 2, on the brink of coming out of my dark night of the soul process, on Jan 1, 2020, I decided to give up alcohol for a year. Remember how I mention I had some unhealthy habits for a good majority of my life? Yeah, well alcohol was a BIG one!

We all have that one thing that is like our destructive self-soother and for me that was alcohol. There was this illusion that it gave me permission to be all the things I couldn’t be when I was sober. Yet it wreaked so much havoc in my life, it had been a problem and crutch for far too long.

When I chose to give that up, I gave myself a year with no alcohol. A dear friend invited me to choose this, hello strategy! I am telling you; our strategy always shows up in all areas of our life!

My mind couldn’t really get behind the term of “never again” or “forever”, but a year seemed doable. And that is when my healing REALLY started to take off! (Fast forward 4+ years later and I can’t image my life without being and living sober! It was and is one of my greatest accomplishments❣)

Pandemic Struggles & Blessings

As I started this path of sobriety in 2020 the universe seemed to push me even further! To undo what I had been unconsciously choosing that wasn’t really working on any level. It was time for a massive upgrade! (Remember how I mentioned divine timing in part 1??)

I had been learning about Human Design here and there since the beginning of 2018 through my own investigation (5/1 profile here) but still in a corporate America job that I didn’t know how to part with.

Then the pandemic hit, and everything changed. I had been wanting to part ways with my career A LONG time before, and having an undefined spleen sometimes we don’t know when to let go as well as when things are unhealthy for us.

(To learn more about the undefined and defined centers click here!)

Everything was starting to get really loud. Have you ever had the experience where your intuition, your knowing, God, Source, etc. was trying to tell you something?? To take a leap of faith and let go, but your “logical” mind couldn’t see how it could possibly work out?

“When someone makes a decision, he is really diving into a strong current that will carry him to places he had never dreamed of when he first made the decision.”-Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

(I’d also like to add from the above quote when you follow your strategy and authority when making a decision!)

Well, something inside of me knew if I didn’t listen to myself, this knowing, I would severely regret it later. Mind you, I had NO back up plan! It was a HUGE risk I took and said I would not be returning to my then career of 10+ years. Which was slowly draining my soul and energy as a projector.

I was wildly scared, relieved, and a little excited as to what my life would be like. I got completely sober. Not only did I quit alcohol at the start of 2020, I also gave up sweet MaryJane later that year. I would partake here and there with MJ to escape and numb out my overwhelming feelings😭 Hello open Solar Plexus Center!

But as I was being initiated into a new path, living life more by design, and my inner authority turning on more and more-I could no longer ignore what the voice inside of me wanted me to hear.

The Entrepreneurial Journey

2020 was there year I got sober in all areas of my life. It showed me where my soul was ready to dive into my purpose. And go full on head bonkers into healing. I started my business as a Spiritual Life Coach and started being trained to become a TedXTalk Speaker and Author.

This projector bit off way more than she could chew at once. I had yet to learn about my gate 9.2 (shadow side… misery loves company!🥵)

Quick Lesson on Gate 9.2

I have gate 9.2 off an undefined sacral. The conditioning I experienced was to do all the things I thought I needed to do at once, but consequently have it all blow up in my face. Thus, sabotaging my initial intention.

The beauty of gate 9.2 has helped me to focus on one thing at a time. If I feel like I have too many distractions and places to focus my energy on, this shows up in my results. Also having an undefined sacral, I get to honor the ebbs and flows of my life force while honoring my strategy.

Business Blunders & Lessons

Going through these trial and errors helped me see where in my Human Design Chart I am meant to focus my energy on. Rather than make up a story and continue to try and force something that could manifest organically through other means. Or having other opportunities come through that are better than I could have imagined!

I had many failed attempts to get things running and off the ground. The TedX experience was a flop, I hired mentor after mentor that coincidentally enough mirrored back to me my parental wounds! Who knew that when creating your business, it is one of the most powerful catalysts in our healing journey?!

More Human Design Business Gates & Influences

  1. Hanging Gate 3 (the gate of ordering), also known as difficulties at the beginning, off my undefined sacral. It is also in my Incarnation Cross (our incarnation cross how to do with our life purpose and highest potential in our Human Design chart). Boy have there been some difficulties at the beginning! But through consistency, learning, and adjusting things fall into order.
  2. Hanging Gate 44 (gate of alertness/coming to meet) active twice in my design, with one of them being in the line 3-hello trial and error! This is the ONLY line 3 I have in my design btw! Gate 44 is part of the channel of surrender, (also known as the channel of sales/channel of the entrepreneur). I have the theme of transformation (Pluto influence), inconsistency (undefined center), and fear of the past (also a gate 44 theme) all playing out in my business journey!

There is so much more I could go into this, but I’ll just give you some of the basics through this process, hoping it can inspire you to look further into your design!

Waiting in the Western World…What?!

Yes, it is real being a projector and waiting for the recognition and invitation… IT IS A THING, I AM TELLING YOU! We simply CANNOT initiate; I mean you can I have many a-time! And the universe will redirect you back to what you get to learn and wait. They call it strategy and authority for a reason.

Not to sound discouraging by any means, but if you notice you come against this and are a fellow projector (or have waiting as part of your strategy), I am providing personal experience and a link to perhaps why.

Sidenote: I also have personal view in my chart, so I am here to view life through my personal experience and share with others to help them understand as well as relate to things I am here to teach. We all have our own way we are designed to view life; you can find it on your Human Design chart too!

Okay, back to the story… as I was getting into the 3rd-4th quarter of 2020, I saw how I really needed to pause on dating. Like full on STOP and how I got to heal my feminine and masculine wounds (this is linked to mother and father wounds, inner child healing, and reparenting), become whole, sovereign and complete and of course… decondition through Human Design.

Stay tuned for Part 3-Deconditioning Through Human Design!

Now, things are about to get REALLY juicy dear one! Healing and deconditioning through Human Design has RADICALLY changed my life in unimaginable ways!

I was invited to learn under the perfect projector guide and teacher-shout out to Raquel Reyna!! I will be going into the magic of her guidance, my certification process, how I was initiated into my design further and the power of transformational community. LIFE CHANGING to say the least!!

And how I was supported in ways I never expected, what miracles transpired, and more! Living your design makes no logical sense, but life shows you what is possible when you do!

Deconditioning through Human Design allows your DNA to restructure itself, you know who you are NOT, and are given permission to live as you were designed to be, not what society or anyone else tells you!

So, if you are interested to learn more about the deconditioning process, get personal feedback from someone in their experiment, and see how it can benefit you STAY TUNED for part 3! I am so honored to share this with you!

What did the pandemic initiate for you? Are you an entrepreneur or business owner? Do you use your Human Design in your business? I’d love to hear from you!

If you would like to receive laser guidance in your spiritual awakening and/or business ventures with igniting the powers of your Human Design let’s connect!

You can send me an email at [email protected] or you can book a 30-min complimentary consultation with me here! We can take a look at your chart and see if we are a match to create some magic together! Xoxo

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