How Mercury Retrograde Can Affect Human Design Types


Mercury Retrograde, that infamous astrological event, can feel like a communication gremlin wreaking havoc on our plans and conversations. But fear not! Human Design offers a personalized perspective on how this astrological influence impacts each Type, allowing you to navigate the retrograde with greater awareness and even leverage it for growth.

Mercury Retrograde: A Time for Internal Re-Calibration

During its three-week retrograde cycle three times a year, Mercury, the planet of communication, logic, technology, and travel, appears to move backward from Earth’s perspective. While this can lead to external disruptions, delays, pauses, and patience it also encourages internal reflection. It’s a time to revisit old ideas, re-evaluate plans, and refine communication styles. By understanding how Mercury Retrograde interacts with your specific Type, you can transform this potentially frustrating period into an opportunity for positive change.


The Retrograde’s Influence: Generators thrive on responding to the world around them. However, Mercury Retrograde can cloud their Sacral or Emotional discernment (based on your inner authority), leading to impulsive communication or actions based on incomplete information. They might blurt things out without fully considering the consequences or jump into projects without proper planning. Or say yes or no to something without riding their emotional wave (for my emotional generators).

Thriving During Retrograde: Ground yourself! Engage in physical activities or creative pursuits to channel your energy and connect with your body. Before speaking or taking action, especially on important matters, wait for the unmistakable “uh-huh” response from your Sacral Center or wait for the wave to settle for the defined emotional center. This ensures your communication and actions are truly aligned with your inner authority, not fueled by fleeting thoughts, impulses, or anxieties.

Bonus Tip: Journaling can be a powerful tool for Generators during Mercury Retrograde. Writing down your thoughts and feelings can help you clarify your inner landscape and avoid blurting out anything you might regret later.

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Manifesting Generators:

The Retrograde’s Influence: Manifesting Generators have the power to respond and initiate, but Mercury Retrograde can amplify the influence of the Solar Plexus, leading to misunderstandings and emotional reactivity. They might initiate conversations or projects based on fleeting emotions rather than waiting to respond and following their inner authority. This could cause unclear communication, causing confusion and potential conflict.

Thriving During Retrograde: Double down on clarity! Before initiating any action or communication, wait to respond first! And then clearly inform others about your intentions. Don’t rely on assumptions; explicitly state your goals and expectations. Double-check messages for typos and misunderstandings and be open to revising plans as needed.

Take this Mercury Retrograde to be in the space of the unknown, we are also in an eclipse season which intensifying and speeds up everything!

Bonus Tip: Practice active listening during Mercury Retrograde. Pay close attention to what others are saying and ask clarifying questions before responding. This ensures you’re on the same page and minimizes the potential for miscommunication.

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The Retrograde’s Influence: Projectors are wise guides who wait for an invitation to share their insights. However, Mercury Retrograde can cloud their discernment, leading them to offer unsolicited advice or project their own anxieties onto others’ communication. This can create awkward situations and a sense of being misunderstood.

Thriving During Retrograde: Focus on discernment! Mercury Retrograde is not the time to project your unrequested wisdom. Instead, hone your active listening skills and focus on understanding the other person’s perspective before offering guidance. Remember, the invitation to share your Projector wisdom will come organically when it’s truly needed.

This is also a great time to revise any projects, see if there are any themes that get to be revisited.

I know for me as a projector, when Mercury goes into retrograde, I experience sort of a mental fog and spaciness. I use this time to really go into my inner world, reflect, and not put as much pressure to do.

Side note: Mercury Retrograde has a theme to bring back ex’s-so have you learned the lesson you needed with a particular ex, or are you going to go on the merry-go-round with them again?)

Bonus Tip: Engage in activities that stimulate your intellectual curiosity during Mercury Retrograde. Read books, take online courses, reflect on the past year so far, or have stimulating conversations with others. This keeps your mind sharp and helps you refine your communication style.

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The Retrograde’s Influence: Manifestors are known for their directness and power to take action without permission. However, Mercury Retrograde can lead to forceful communication or initiating actions based on misunderstandings. This can create resistance and conflict, hindering progress.

Thriving During Retrograde: Temper your directness! While Manifestors don’t need permission to act, Mercury Retrograde emphasizes the importance of clear and concise communication. Before taking action, especially regarding communication, take a moment to consider how your words might be interpreted. Focus on stating your needs and intentions without being overly forceful.

Bonus Tip: Practice mindful communication during Mercury Retrograde. Before speaking, take a deep breath and gather your thoughts. This allows you to choose your words carefully and avoid any misunderstandings that could lead to conflict.

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The Retrograde’s Influence: Reflectors, with their open centers, are highly susceptible to the energetic fluctuations of the environment. Mercury Retrograde can amplify these fluctuations, leading to confusion, difficulty making decisions, and feeling overwhelmed by the mixed messages swirling around them.

Thriving During Retrograde: Prioritize solitude and self-care! During Mercury Retrograde, Reflectors benefit from minimizing exposure to chaotic or emotionally charged environments. Surround yourself with grounded individuals who offer clarity and support. Avoid making major decisions based on conversations or information received during this time. Trust that clarity will emerge organically when the energetic tides settle after the retrograde period.

Bonus Tip: Engage in activities that promote introspection and self-care during Mercury Retrograde. Meditation, spending time in nature, or spending time with supportive loved ones can all be beneficial. Journaling can also be a helpful tool for Reflectors to process their experiences and gain insights during this time.

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Remember, Inner Authority is Your Guiding Light

While Mercury Retrograde can influence communication and decision-making, your inner authority in Human Design remains the ultimate guide. Whether it’s Emotional Authority, Splenic Authority, or another type, rely on this internal wisdom to navigate misunderstandings and make decisions aligned with your authentic voice.

Embrace the Retrograde: A Catalyst for Positive Change

By understanding how Mercury Retrograde interacts with your specific Type, you can transform this potentially frustrating period into an opportunity for positive change. Practice patience, prioritize clear communication, and utilize this time for introspection and reflection. The lessons learned during Mercury Retrograde can lead to more grounded communication, stronger connections, and a more mindful approach to moving forward.

What comes up for you during Mercury Retrograde? Can you surrender to the miscommunications, mishaps, and lessons to further embrace in your human experience? Sometimes it can feel like things are against us, but it is during those times we are pushed to grow in ways that support us in ways we might not be able to see at the moment. Let us know your thoughts, comments, and/or questions below!

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