How Each Human Design Type Can Thrive During Eclipse Season (Spring 2024)

This upcoming eclipse season consists of a Full Moon Lunar eclipse on March 25, 2024, and a Total Solar eclipse on April 8, 2024. These occurrences are a potent cosmic event that can usher in significant change and transformation. In this article we will focus on how each Human Design type can thrive during the eclipse season.
How Each Human Design Type Can Thrive During The Eclipse Season

Human Design offers a unique perspective on how these energetic shifts might affect you based on your Type. By understanding how the eclipse’s energy aligns with your inherent design, you can navigate this powerful time with greater ease and even leverage it for growth and you can understand how each Human Design type can thrive during the eclipse season.

The energy of an eclipse can be felt a week or two before we enter into it and lasts about 6 weeks in total of this “time collapsing” energy.

You can also track the transits along with the eclipse to really understand and get a feel for the energy that is being presented during these unstable, exciting, and changing times.

To learn more about transits, you can read our previous article here!

What are Lunar Eclipses and How They Affect Your Human Design?

Lunar Eclipses are often associated with emotional intensity, introspection, and the unveiling of hidden truths. This potent energy can trigger endings, clear emotional blockages, and bring long-suppressed desires to the surface. While it may stir up emotions, it also presents an opportunity for release and emotional healing.

We will be experiencing the emotionality of this eclipse season first as we get closer to the Full Moon on March 24, and then as we progress into April with the Total Solar Eclipse on the 8th, we will be noticing the energy of things speeding up from what was cleared out around the full moon.

Eclipses and their energy are like being in a fast and sometimes chaotic time portal. They are known to bring sudden and unexpected closure to old chapters and open doors to new beginnings. This energetic influence can be felt on a collective level, impacting relationships, careers, and personal journeys. In this article, we will focus on how each Human Design type can thrive during the eclipse season.

Tip: It is advised for any type to really surrender to the flow of what is being present and happening. That all manifestations and the seeds that have been planted prior will sprout without question. Somethings may just need to abruptly get out of the way!

Astrology Influences On Your Human Design:

While the specific details of the eclipse’s influence will depend on various astrological factors, we can expect a general theme of letting go and embracing new beginnings with the South Node being in Libra-which has to do with relationships, and the North Node in Aries-which relates to ourselves.

This could manifest as endings in relationships, careers, or outdated belief systems. However, it also signifies the potential for fresh starts, new opportunities, and a renewed sense of purpose.

Here’s a deeper look at how each Human Design Type can approach and potentially thrive during the upcoming solar eclipse…

How Each Human Design Type Can Thrive During The Eclipse:


Generators are the buzzing aura types fueled by their defined Sacral Center.

When they are responding from frustration it depletes their natural generative juices.

During this eclipse, they might experience their emotional or gut authority responding to cut off anything that has been feeling frustrating and depleting.

Q’s: Generators- are there any relationships or ways you are in relationship that are ready to be released that have been depleting your sacred energy and producing frustration? Is there something your authority has been guiding you to do for YOU?

As you let go of what has been tapping and sucking your energy for too long, you may experience a surge of creative or productive energy.

This can be a fantastic time to brainstorm new ideas, tackle projects that have been on hold, or engage in activities that bring them deep satisfaction.

Thriving During the Eclipse:

Ground yourself and listen to your Sacral or Emotional response before taking action. Try not to get caught up in the energetic intensity of the eclipse. Keyword “try.”

Instead, wait for the unmistakable “uh-huh” for yes or “uh uh” for no response from your Sacral to ensure your actions are aligned and truly resonate with you.

Emotional beings, ride your wave, feel into your emotions and trust what they are telling you!

Patience is key – emotional beings don’t feel the pressure to know, trust the process! And those that have gut intuition, trust it! If it’s an “I don’t know feeling” that’s okay too, when you know, you know! The right opportunities will emerge when you’re in energetic alignment.

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Manifesting Generators:

Manifesting Generators are a powerful combination of The Generator with their defined Sacral and The Manifestor with their defined motor center to the Throat.

Eclipses can trigger a strong urge to take action, but it’s crucial to follow their strategy of waiting to respond before initiating or informing.

The heightened energy of the eclipse might make them more prone to impulsive decisions rather than following their strategy and inner authority.

Q’s: Is there an impulse or rationalization to stay in any relationships or group dynamics that have been causing you to go into frustration and anger? That don’t honor your magnetic and powerful flow of how you operate? What are you ready to say yes to for YOU??

Thriving During the Eclipse:

Wait to respond and then inform others about your intentions before initiating action. If people are not on board with what you are being guided to that is okay!

How can you lovingly create the space for yourself and adjust your boundaries and still have grace? Or are some relationships ready to be let go completely? Only your inner authority can tell you that!

This transparency allows for course correction if needed and avoids potential conflict arising from impulsive decisions that impose harm to yourself.

Take a moment to check in with your Sacral or Emotional response and ensure it aligns with your initial inspiration. This ensures your actions are grounded and truly aligned with your purpose.

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Projectors are here to guide and be recognized for their wisdom.

Eclipses can bring opportunities to share their insights, but Projectors need to be discerning about invitations.

The intense energy of the eclipse might lead to them offering unsolicited advice, which can be met with resistance.

Or being in environments where they are not being recognized for their genius and dimming their light.

Q’s: Projectors, where do you feel like you are not being 100% your true authentic self? Are you being invited to share your insight in your relationships?

Where are you giving your power and authority over to? What do you get to choose for yourself this season that feels light?

Thriving During the Eclipse:

Don’t force your guidance, relationships that feel stagnant or draining. Wait for a clear recognition and invitation to share your perspective, especially during this time of heightened speeding up energy.

Recognition will come organically when you align with your Projector strategy.

If you feel compelled to offer insights, pay close attention to the body language and receptivity of the other person. Don’t be afraid to simply be a sounding board if that’s what’s needed.

What feels heavy can be readjusted with boundaries so you can truly see yourself shine!

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Manifestors are powerful initiators who don’t require permission to act.

Eclipses can amplify their inherent drive, but it’s essential to be mindful of the potential impact on others.

The transformative energy of the eclipse might lead to Manifestors taking forceful actions that disrupt the flow for others.

Or potentially see where you have been suppressing your initiating and informing due to an outdated program being in relationships, groups, and/or business.

Q: Manifestor, are you experiencing anger in any area of your life that you are not allowing yourself to be the ultimate creator and initiator??

Thriving During the Eclipse:

Clearly inform those who might be affected by your actions before initiating.

DO NOT suppress your informing and initiating as your inner authority guides you.

This minimizes resistance and allows for smoother progress during the eclipse’s transformative energy.

While you don’t need permission, a heads-up can help manage expectations and foster cooperation.

Remember, even Manifestors benefit from collaboration, especially during intense cosmic events.

Check-in and do some house keeping with your inner circle, are they on board with the force that you are? Are there some relationships that are outdated and weighing/delaying your manifestations?

Some reflective soul searching is good this eclipse season and you are worthy of shining dear Manifestor! We truly benefit from you being in peace as you impact us!

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Reflectors passively absorb the energy of their environment.

Eclipses can be particularly intense for Reflectors due to the influx of strong cosmic energy.

They might feel overwhelmed by the emotional fluctuations and need extra time to process the energetic shifts.

Q’s: Reflector, do you honor your ebbs and flows of change with the lunar cycle? Do those around you give you the space to do so? Are there any environments or relationships that bring out disappointment?

Thriving During the Eclipse:

Prioritize solitude and self-care during the eclipse.

Surround yourself with supportive people who ground your energy.

Avoid making any major decisions during this time, wait at least 28 days, one lunar cycle, before doing so.

Your intuition will guide you when the energetic tides settle, continue to do daily check-ins and track your yes’s and no’s with major decisions.

Spend time in nature, engage in activities that bring you peace and allow clarity to emerge organically.

To learn more about Reflectors click here!


The upcoming eclipse season presents a powerful opportunity for personal growth and transformation.

By understanding the general themes associated with this eclipse (letting go and embracing new beginnings) and how it interacts with your Human Design Type, you can navigate this potent time with greater awareness and self-compassion.

Remember, Human Design and Astrology are not about predicting the future; it’s about empowering you to navigate life’s energetic shifts with intention and grace.

Utilize your inner authority – whether it’s Emotional Authority, Splenic, or one of the others – to guide your decisions and actions during the eclipse.

Embrace the opportunity to release what no longer serves you and open yourself to the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

As the energetic landscape shifts, trust your unique design to guide you towards a more authentic and fulfilling journey.

How are you feeling this eclipse season? Are you noticing these themes play out in your life? Let us know in the comments below!

If you would like to take on your design with the powerful guidance of Coach Lauren, you can send her an email at: [email protected] or you can book a complimentary consultation call with her here!

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