Composite Charts in Human Design: Who is Your Ideal Match?

Composite Charts in Human Design Ideal Match

Have you ever wondered why you feel an instant connection with some people, while others leave you feeling drained or confused? The Composite Charts that arise between your Human Design and those of others have a huge influence on your relationships.

By analyzing your Human Design chart and the chart of a potential partner, you can gain valuable insights into the energetic dynamics at play within your connection.

What are Composite Charts?

Composite Charts are a powerful tool in Human Design that reveals the combined energy field created when two charts are layered together.

By exploring the different aspects of a Composite Chart, such as channels, definition, and profile harmony, you can gain a deeper understanding of the potential strengths and challenges within your relationship.

Composite Charts and ALL They Entail:

A composite chart is when we put two human design charts together and see the dynamics that are at play.

Looking at:

Electromagnetic channels:

This is where we see one person have one hanging gate and the other person have the other hanging gate that creates a full channel. This is where we really find that “pull” and attraction to others.

For example, someone who has the hanging gate 44 and the other has the hanging gate 26 which would create The Channel of Surrender, or The Entrepreneur Channel. This could be a great dynamic for a business partnership, if their Inner Authority guides them into this partnership.


This is where we see the MOST TENSION in relationships! This is when one person has the full channel in their chart and the other person only has one of the hanging gates, creating a compromise. We call this dynamic a “love it or leave it” aspect.

I can’t tell you how many charts I have looked at, with my own included where I am compromised and have seen issues centered around the compromises.

When we can surrender to the compromise, IF IT IS CORRECT FOR YOUR INNER AUTHORITY, it takes off the pressure of the person who has the hanging gate. If your Authority is not on board, then that is where you get to make your decision that best suites YOU!

Companionship channels:

When two people share the same channel, there is a friendship and understanding that can bring these two people together and creates a relatability with the channel.

For example, if two people share the channel 50/27 The Channel of Preservation, they could relate the energy of nurturing and bringing forth values to their tribe.


You want to look at the centers that are defined and open when both of your charts are together.

If all charts are defined between the two of you it is called a 9-0 nowhere to go, if there is 1 undefined or open center between the two of you it is called an 8-1 have some fun, 7-2 work to do, 6-3 better to be free, 5-4 not in a relationship anymore.

There is no “good” or “bad” with the openness or non-openness of two charts together.

With a 9-0 dynamic, it could be challenging for others to enter and be part of the relationship. The open and undefined centers in the composite chart I have noticed there is a heightened, but also when one or more people are involved can create better opportunity for the “glue” of the relationship.

I will give you a personal example, my brother and I have a 5-4 definition with both our charts together. When it is just us, we don’t have much to bond over and there is a lot of space. We are both different in our own respects.

Recently, while my inner authority guided me to stay in California again (my place of birth and where some of my family is) we got a puppy! This little being was something that really supported our 5-4 dynamic as it is something for us to focus on, work together with, and have a relationship.

When we have this much openness with a family member the monkey mind can make up stories of blame, not feeling worthy enough, etc. but I am telling you… it is the dynamics of our design, who we are with others and what that looks like.


A harmony is created with a line number is in harmony with its opposite. This is not to be mistaken for transference! This is solely when we are looking at profile. (You can take it a step deeper when you are looking at the line numbers of the gates, but let’s keep it foundational, basic, but still giving you all the details for this article).

For example, if you are a line 1 you will have a harmony with a line 4, a line 2 will have a harmony with a line 5, and a line 3 will have a harmony between a line 6.

A real example, I am a 5/1 so the profile I would be in harmony with is a 2/4. Now this isn’t the end all, be all in relationships! I have many different relationships that have a lot of different profile variations and I love them all! I can see that my line 1 feels very supported by the line 4 (whether it is in the conscious or unconscious placement).

For me personally, it has really helped align to my unconscious foundational being by being supported by 4’s.

Our unconscious line in our profile is tricky! It is something we aren’t too aware of, until we really reflect on it and can see how it plays out. Just something to think about 😉


A resonance is when you have the same profile number as the other person. So, if you are a line 1, the other person has a line 1 in their profile too and so on. Your line numbers will have an understanding, or resonance with one another.


We see disharmony when the profiles and lines do not have a harmony or resonance.

For example, if you are a 3/6 and another person is a 2/5 there is a disharmony between both the profile lines, or if someone is a 3/5 and the other person is a 2/4 there will be a harmony with the 2 and 5, but a disharmony between the 3 and 4. This can cause friction between the lines that have a disharmony.

Bonding Strategy of the Profiles:

So, this where we get more into the details of our profiles, charts, and how we uniquely bond with other people within our profile, especially in romantic relationships.

Each line has its own bonding strategy, its theme, emotional resonance, and security strategy.

For example, a Line 2 is the hermit/natural talent, bonding strategy is shyness/boldness, security strategy is nourisher/depleter, and emotional resonance is advance/withdrawal.

Splits Bridged:

This is where someone might have one or multiple splits in their own chart, but with someone else and their designs together the splits are bridged, creating a single definition between the two charts.

This can be great for business and has the potential to create a bit of codependency in romantic relationships.

It is just something to be mindful of and again, it is a not a black and white!

ALWAYS, ALWAYS follow your authority and see if you are in your theme in relationships or in the not-self if your splits are being bridged.


Yes, there is more!

We want to look at who also has the emotional authority in the relationship (if that is there), the voice (who is defined in the throat), and so on.

As you can see this topic is very complex, detailed and layered-just like your own unique design!

We get to put just the same amount of attention, detail, and focus into our important relationships to maximize their potential and live correctly as ourselves.

While knowing which ones are in alignment and which ones to create better boundaries or ultimately lovingly let go with love and grace.

Only you will know!

But this information can surely help with the confidence to do so.


While Composite Charts offer valuable insights into the energetic blueprint of a relationship, Human Design isn’t about finding a perfectly compatible “ideal match.”

Even though there are some relationships that are smoother than others, each relationship has a unique dynamic and strategy, and if you follow your strategy and authority each relationship can be expressed at its highest potential.

Each connection, with its unique challenges and strengths, can be a catalyst for personal growth and deeper self-discovery.

By understanding the dynamics revealed in your Composite Chart, you can approach your relationships with greater awareness and navigate potential tensions with more ease.

Remember, your inner authority – whether it’s Emotional Authority, Splenic Authority, or one of the others – remains the ultimate guide in navigating any relationship.

So, embark on this journey of relational exploration with Human Design as your compass. Use its insights to cultivate deeper connections, celebrate your energetic harmonies, and navigate challenges with grace.

Ultimately, the most fulfilling relationships are those where both partners can embrace their authentic selves and thrive in their own unique design.

Have you looked at your composite chart looked at with your partner, family member, friend, etc.? Did it give you all the answers to the intricate dynamics of your relationship?

Do you want to understand the complexities of your relationship(s), see how you can have better success, satisfaction, peace, or surprise between the two of you? Gain answers and clarity?

If you are ready to experience better results in your relationship(s) then send us an email at [email protected] with your inquiry. Or you can book a complimentary consultation here with me!

I would love to support you in creating optimal relationship dynamics in your life, as this information has fully transformed and enhanced mine! xoxo

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