What is The Rave New Year? (January 22nd)


Happy Rave New Year! 🥳 What is a rave new year, and didn’t we just have our new year on Jan 1st?!

Well, in human design, this past Monday, January 22nd, 2024, OFFICIALLY started the new year as we entered the Sun ☀️ in the start Gate 41, The Gate of Emanation.

You may be wondering, “What is a rave new year and what is a start gate?!”

Don’t worry 😉 Let me explain…

What is a Rave New Year?

In human design we have these things called transits, it is like astrology in a way that each gate we pass through filters a specific energy that affects us all individually.

Each transit in the sun and earth gates last 6 days and go through each line number (but let’s not get too confused on the details and specifics, if you are new to this!)

For example, we just entered Aquarius season in astrology. So, we will notice themes of humanity, mental awareness, detachment, and communication during this time.

Now Gate 41 is the start gate in human design. Gate 41 starts off the true rave new year (via this system). The transits/gates filter through the neutrino stream, meaning this is how the energy of each transit and gate is transmitted and impacts us on Earth individually.

Are you still with me so far?! I hope so! I have the gate 41 in my incarnation cross, which our incarnation cross has to do with our life purpose✨

The shadow of the Gate 41 is fantasy and restriction. The highest expression is Emanation, meaning, it is about feeling the excitement for a better future and tomorrow.

I can relate a lot to both the shadow and the higher expression of this gate.

The Rave New Year is the time to make your resolutions.

The New Year can be a challenging time for all of us.

We are still in winter❄️ season, which feels like a time to really cozy and bundle up.

We have been programmed to feel like we need to make the New Year’s resolutions, and then we may give up before the end of the month due to the chaos, challenges, and themes we experience from the transits this month.

Now we know exactly what is impacting us😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫 (See diagram below that outlines the different transits as we start the “traditional” New Year vs. when we get to gate 41)

It is advised to start planning your new year around this time instead (IF that feels correct for you, remember it’s all about YOUR inner authority and timing💖).

Start making those resolutions around the Rave New Year.

They will stick a lot longer.

Try it.

Remind yourself of the energies.

Personally, this month has been going super fast for me, and has brought its challenges with our sweet baby puppy and new addition, Ryder🐶🐾✨💗 (See picture below that will melt your heart!) If you ever had the pleasure and joy of having a puppy, you can relate to the growing pains at first!

How cute is he?! But don’t let that cuteness fool you! lol okay, now let’s get back on topic 🙂

This past Monday, I was definitely feeling the emotional impact of this Gate 41. And I reminded myself that through challenges, and restrictions, seeing past fantasy, I get to take determined, invited, and soul-aligned action.

The Gate 41 comes off the root center, which is all about stress, drive, and action. (To read more about the root center, as well as the others, check out this article). It is also part of the emotional collective channel, the channel of recognition.

So, this post is a reminder for me, just as it is for anyone else who may resonate with what you’re experiencing in your world around this time of the Rave New Year.

Through new changes and added positives, there can be adjustment periods and challenges that can question your decision.

But that’s why we call it an experiment in human design!

And also, I never heard of anyone go through life perfectly have you?!😜

If you are ready to take on the New Year according to your design, implement supportive tools to put into action what you desire to make a real change in send me an email at [email protected] and let’s chat! Or schedule your complimentary consultation session here!

Living life by your design can only completely add and transform your life, so what can you lose, but your not-self?😉 xoxo

What are your thoughts around The New Year? Have you heard of this Rave New Year before? Let us know in the comments below!

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