Deep Diving into Human Design Channels (Personal Chart)! The 10/20 and 13/33 Channels: The Path of Awakened Service


The 10/20 and 13/33 channels in Human Design are a powerful combination that can create a unique and dynamic personality.

People with these channels are often drawn to both unique and empowering self-expression (the 10/20) and helping others through sharing collective themes and messages (the 13/33).

Recently I did a mini chart reading with one of my dear friends Mallory Davidson. Mallory is an intuitive healer and coach, reiki master, and craniosacral therapist who currently lives and supports her community in Austin, TX. You can connect with Mallory on her website: or find her on social media on Instagram and Facebook: @centerofascension.

Mallory is a 3/5 Self Projected Projector and jokingly describes herself as a “human design kindergartner” who is still learning about the system. Aren’t we all as we start experimenting and taking on this intel?!

We dove deep into these 2 channels in her chart. As a projector it is very important to understand your channels. They are your life force, what you are here to be recognized for, and seen by others. (Learn more about Projectors here)

She mentions she used to be more in the not-self theme (which would result in bitterness for a projector), but she’s now embracing her self-love and empowerment. She’s learned to embrace trial and error as part of her 3rd line in her personality profile placement. Yay Mallory!! This is the highest expression for the line 3! So, line 3’s you get to embrace the trial error, experiment, and share what works and doesn’t work! (Learn the basisc of Human Design here)

A little preview: As you will see in the video, in our charts we have themes that support our design and aspects that can create conundrums.

For example, we see Mallory has multiple line 4’s in her gates and channels, which can create a pull of more opportunities coming from her network, rather than leaning more into her subconscious profile line 5 as a heretic and teacher to strangers, or people that are not so much in her network.

The line 4 is here to support their network and be supported by their network. The line 5 is here to teach their heresy to strangers, great marketers in business, and draw in people they don’t really know. (We will be coming out with an article on profiles so stay tuned for that!!)

But what I have noticed and experimented in my own design that even with conundrums we can find ways to make it work for us!

And even though Mallory has line 4’s her in gates that are in her channels, it seems to work for her and the people she is here to teach and serve!

Let’s dive into both of these channels and the unique blend they bring when a person has them together.

If you want to check out the whole reading that I did with Mallory, watch the video below…

10/20 and 13/33 Channels: The Path of Awakened Service

Having both the 10/20 and 13/33 channels defined suggests a powerful combination of intuition, self-awareness, and communicative ability.

These individuals have the potential to become impactful leaders and wisdom keepers, guiding others along their own paths of awakening and self-discovery.

Let’s briefly go through each of these channels so we can better understand what having both actually means.

Channel 10/20: The Buddha Channel

The 10-20 Channel, known as the Channel of Awakening or the Buddha Channel, is associated with in the now self-expression and metamorphosis.

Flowing from the G Center (Gate 10-Gate of Behavior) to the Throat Center (Gate 20-Gate of Now) this channel facilitates a direct connection between inspiration and the potential for awakening. (Learn more about centers here)

The expression of this channel is “I am awake, and I don’t care if you are.”

Individuals with the 10-20 Channel often experience a heightened sense of awareness and an openness to transformative moments. This is all about self-discovery, self-love, and a deep spiritual connection to the Divine.

Nurturing this channel involves embracing the continuous journey of awakening and recognizing the value of transformation in shaping one’s identity.

People with this channel have a strong desire to share their unique gifts and talents with the world. This is an individual and projected channel, so no matter someone’s type, it gets to be recognized and invited to share.

Mallory shared that she’s more in alignment with this channel now than in the past. She used to be more in the not-self theme, but she’s now embracing her self-love and empowerment. This channel is especially important for Projectors because it helps them to recognize their genius and share it with the world.

This channel hums with self-discovery, expression, and transformation. It’s a beacon calling you to embrace your unique gifts and share them with the world, when recognized and invited.

But the energy flow differs based on your type…

**Side note:** 80% of the channels in the BodyGraph are projected channels. So, it is important to look at your channels, know if they are projected, generated, manifesting generated, or manifested channels. Tapping into this knowledge how they operate and using your strategy and inner authority will make your design pop even more! See picture below of the type of channels are in the BodyGraph:

Here is how this channel can affect each of the human design types:

Manifesting Generator: The Manifesting Generator’s Sacral center and motor to the throat adds a crucial and dynamic element to the 10/20’s call for self-expression. Your unique gifts and perspectives yearn to shine and provide lots of stimulating energy and impact. Remember, it gets to be recognized and invited first! Then, it’s about responding using your inner authority, not initiating without the Sacral’s “uh-huh” or riding your emotional wave and leaning into your emotions if you have a defined Solar Plexus/Emotional Authority. Embrace your creative drive but wait for that internal confirmation before taking center stage. (Learn more about Manifesting Generators here)

Generators: The 10/20 can amplify your creative drive and magnetic pull. You may naturally attract audiences or find opportunities to showcase your talents and transformative self-expression through your Sacral response or Emotional Authority, but first you get to be seen and recognized for your individual self-expression and identity. Remember, it’s about waiting to respond, not pushing. (Learn more about Generators here)

Manifestors: This channel can fuel your bold initiatives and innovative energy. You may find yourself naturally influencing and inspiring others with your unique perspective. However, beware of pushing too hard – let your aura provide the powerful and peaceful impact it is designed to, while being seen and invited to transform others through your love of self! (Learn more about Manifestors here)

Projectors: The 10/20 becomes a potent tool for recognizing your genius and its worth. It prompts you to wait for invitations to share your gifts, but when invited, shine brightly. Your self-acceptance is key to attracting recognition as well as guiding others to a profound sense of self-love and empowerment. (Learn more about Projectors here)

Channel 13/33: The Prodigal Channel

This is the Prodigal Channel or the Collector of Stories. Connecting the Gate 13 – the Gate of The Listener or also known as the Gate of Fellowship with Man (located in the G Center) to Gate 33 – the Gate of Privacy or also known as the Gate of Retreat (located in the Throat Center), it’s about gathering stories from others and sharing the themes with the collective.

This channel’s circuitry is collective abstract channel. It is a projected channel, so it gets to be invited to share, which Mallory highlights beautifully how this naturally happens with her in the video.

The theme and voice of this channel is “I remember…

People with this channel often have a knack for attracting others to tell them their juiciest secrets and seeing themes around what others divulge to them. They may also be good at understanding and helping others, and they are often trusted with deep, dark secrets!

Mallory resonates with this channel as people often share personal stories with her.

This channel is also important for Projectors because it allows them to gather information from others and then use it to help others. Mallory is aware of the need to be invited to share information.

This channel is sacred, I mean it is called the Prodigal for a reason!

Since its circuitry is collective abstract, it moves slowly and poetically. The stories of others get to be honored, that people with this channel are like wise sages holding a safe space for others to show up and be themselves, contemplate and share their stories in important times.

But how you handle them depends on your type…

Here is how this channel can affect each of the human design types:

Manifesting Generator: This channel amplifies the way in which you communicate and unique process you share stories and themes to the collective. However, for Manifesting Generators, in this case, it gets to be recognized and invited out to share first (as well for all the types)! Then following your strategy and inner authority (when it’s correct for you), you get to bring a magnetic and buzzing way of positively impacting and energizing others through the sacred messages and themes you share. (Learn more about Manifesting Generators here)

Generators: When energized, the 13/33 can lead to fruitful collaborations and unexpected abundance. When invited to share your perceptive of what you remember and the themes you have witnessed with other people’s stories, you can energize others. Following your strategy of waiting to respond and authority (gut or emotional) will allow this channel to unfold in the right opportunities. (Learn more about Generators here)

Manifestors: The impact through the invited theme(s) and insight you are here to share will most definitely influence those around you! What you sense from the themes of the stories you reflect on, and their importance will support others tremendously who may be going through a similar struggle, obstacle, or theme. The impact will be left with inspiration for the collective! (Learn more about Manifestors here)

Projectors: When invited through your guidance, you can help advise those that recognize you. You can help relate similar themes of the past to those that may be going through something similar. While additionally creating a safe space for others to open up and thus learn from your leadership. Your sage wisdom and insight can be a melding pot for the collective to share, to acquire knowledge from, and your unique perspective to lead others in a way that can align them into their theme. (Learn more about Projectors here)

The Combination of Channels 10/20 and 13/33:

When these two channels are combined, they can create a powerful dynamic for self-discovery and growth.

People with these channels may be drawn to helping others through their own unique gifts and talents. They may also be good at attracting others to share the deep inner world with them.

The 10/20 and 13/33 channels are a potent combination, regardless of your type or lines. They urge you to embrace your unique gifts and navigate your experiences through sharing in safe, reflective spaces. Share your wisdom with the world in ways that align with your authentic self!

In Human Design, the unification of the 10/20 and 13/33 channels represents a powerful and dynamic interplay of self-discovery, expression, and service.

When these channels work together, they create a unique energy field that can lead to personal transformation and impactful contributions to the world.

These 2 channels are a blend of individual and collective circuitry (Learn more about channel circutry here), so it is important that they are recognized and accepted as their individual self, and also invited to share their message to the collective.

Key Characteristics of 10/20 and 13/33:

Deep connection to purpose: The 10/20’s clarity about their individual life direction and in the now communication merges with the 13/33’s ability to reflect and gain wisdom, leads to a strong sense of purpose driven by self-discovery.

Charismatic communicators: The 10/20’s intuitive knowing aligns with the 13/33’s ability to express profound insights, making these individuals naturally captivating communicators when they choose to share their wisdom.

Need for balance: While both channels encourage introspection, the 10/20 also pushes for action and outward movement. These individuals need to strike a balance between inner reflection and actively pursuing their purpose.

Lifelong learning: The combined energy of these channels fosters a continuous thirst for knowledge and understanding. These individuals are drawn to exploring new concepts and perspectives, enriching their internal world and contributing their acquired wisdom to the world around them.

Awakening and Empowerment: This unified energy brings a strong urge to uncover your unique gifts and share them with the world. It’s about self-acceptance, recognizing your inner genius, and expressing it authentically.

Creative Expression: These individuals often possess a unique and powerful form of creative expression. Their inner knowing (10/20) combined with their capacity for deep reflection and insight (13/33) can manifest in various creative outlets, such as writing, music, art, or even groundbreaking ideas and solutions.

Sharing Wisdom and Keeping Secrets: This combination creates a natural inclination to help others. You can understand and guide people, offering insights and support without being intrusive. Keeping secrets entrusted to you is vital here.

Connecting and Collaborating: Both channels emphasize a balance between individual expression and community involvement. You may find yourself drawn to collaborations and partnerships that amplify your impact and reach.

What it means when someone has 10/20 and 13/33 together:

The unification of these channels signifies a unique potential for personal fulfillment and impact on the world. It encourages you to:

Embrace your authentic self: Discover your unique gifts and share them without apology.

Offer guidance and support: Be a beacon of wisdom and understanding, helping others without compromising boundaries.

Collaborate and connect: Find like-minded individuals and partners who amplify your impact and support your journey.

Embrace the learning curve: See challenges and mistakes as opportunities for growth and refinement.


People with the 10/20 and 13/33 channels are a unique and special group of individuals. They have a powerful combination of self-expression and a desire to help others, and they have the potential to make a real difference in the world.

Ultimately, the unification of the 10/20 and 13/33 channels is a call to awaken your inner light, share your gifts with the world, and leave a lasting legacy of service and transformation.

Embrace this powerful energy and step into your unique role in the universe.

Do you have these channels in your chart? What did you take away from the video and the article? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

If you would like to dive deeper into your design and understand your channels you can email me at [email protected] to inquire about services and Human Design readings. If you would like to schedule a complimentary session you can book here!

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  1. You are such a good writer! I actually learned more and more as I read it multiple times. I feel like this content is so multi layered that people will get nuggets every time they read or listen to your YouTube’s. Looking forward to the next article 🙏🏽

    1. Thank you so much Mallory! So glad to hear that you are learning more and more through this content! Yay!! We have a juicy new article that is just about to be published, so stay tuned 🙂 xoxo

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