Business Human Design: What are The Penta and The WA (Reading for 3/5 Emotional Manifesting Generator)


Feeling frustrated and lost in the business world? You might be pushing against the tide of your current career and profession, not knowing how you are out of alignment in your business human design, chasing ideas that lead to dead ends and facing constant depletion.

We are heavily conditioned in the business industry to go outside of our design which can lead us into our not-self themes of bitterness, anger, frustration, or disappointment.

How does “waiting” make sense in business if it is part of your strategy?

The answer lies in business via Human Design, a powerful extension of Human Design that unlocks your unique entrepreneurial blueprint.

I recently did a reading with the brilliant Inessa Freya. She is a licensed spiritual psychologist and Feng Shui Maestra that has just released her book, Fun Shway, available now on amazon!

If you would like to connect with Inessa and order her book (which I HIGHLY recommend!!), you can go to her website:

Personal Reading for Inessa Freya, a 3/5 Emotional Manifesting Generator:

Inessa is a 3/5 Emotional Manifesting Generator with a small split.

In the video below you will see the transformative power of understanding the Penta (known as Base Group 5) and WA (also known as OC 16- Organizing Channels of a group of 16+ people) in business.

Inessa has two different energetic circuits that don’t naturally connect that creates her small split definition. This can lead to feeling pulled in different directions or needing extra time for things to land and sync.

Finding people who bridge her small split can be extremely helpful especially in business.

Inessa initially struggled with feeling scattered and pulled in different directions. This is a common challenge for Generators or Manifesting Generators with energetic “splits,” where different parts of their aura crave opposing connections.

However, during the interview she realizes that one of the main reasons why she managed to publish her new book was her friend who bridges her split. Her friend was the one pushing her, studying about the publishing process, and now even helping her with the marketing.

Split definition tips: For energy types (manifesting generators and generators) with Split definition you want to find those who bridge their split without compromising them (or if they do compromise the split, it has to work for them), a Projector to help guide, software, even AI might be ideal solution to get that helping hand they need.

We conclude few powerful tips for Inessa Freya:

  1. She should promote her book through storytelling and social media, using her unique blend of psychology and feng shui.
  2. Collaborate with others who can help her bridge her energetic splits without compromising her.
  3. Let go of the need to control everything and trust her Inner Authority.

We mainly focus on her Human Design for business, especially the Penta and the WA. You can watch the whole interview below.

What are The Penta and The WA?

The Penta (3-15 Individuals):

The Penta focuses on smaller groups, 3 to 15 individuals. And there are certain energies in play when we are sharing our presence within small groups.

Each Penta makes up to 5 people. There can be up to 3 pentas before going into a WA which consists of 16 or more people.

The Penta is centered around 6 channels connecting the Sacral (energy center), to and centered around the G (direction/identity center), and to the Throat (communication and manifestation center) in a business. (To read more about the energy centers you can click here!) See picture below.

**Note: BG5 and business dynamics have a different flavor compared to someone’s original chart and how the gates/channels are typically described in human design.**

The Individual and The Penta:

The individual is lost in the Penta, meaning that only the gates and channels that consists of the Penta are seen and used for its materialistic drive which is centered around The Channel of the Beat (2/14).

The Gate 2 is the direction of where to put the resources and The Gate 14 is the resources itself.

The Penta is homogenizing (conditioning/influencing) each person. It takes from the person what it needs for the Penta.

A perfect Penta consists of 4 energy types and a Projector that guides the energy on the outside.

You will see in the video that Inessa has 2 Penta gates and does not like being in small groups! She has more WA activations, which we will get into with what that looks like.

However, if you have more gates or channels in the Penta than you do in the WA, you may really enjoy and thrive in small groups!

The Penta thrives on a shared “hum,” focusing on collective goals that resonate with everyone’s energy. Seek collaborators who share your passion and vision, creating a strong foundation for your project.

Not everyone in the Penta needs to do everything. Leverage everyone’s strengths! If you’re a strong emotional guide, someone else might excel at logistics or marketing.

Embrace complementary roles for a balanced and efficient team and see who has what Penta gates and channels activated.

Avoid burnout by respecting your and others’ natural rhythms. The Penta emphasizes collaboration without forcing, creating a space for creative flow and inner authority decision making.

Additional Things to Consider about The Penta:

Not everyone will feel they jive in the Penta and that is OKAY!

The Penta in business may not be for you as Inessa has found.

What is important about understanding your Human Design in business is seeing where your definition is, knowing your type, if you are designed for soloprenuership, collaborations, small business, or large corporations. It is all in your design!

Now you may be wondering what about the two other types, Manifestors and Reflectors. How do they show up in the Penta?

Well, Manifestors are here for start-ups, they are designed to initiate. On the other hand, Reflectors are here to Reflect back the environment of a business.

So, both are very crucial in business and have their unique and beneficial contributions, they may just feel uncomfortable in the Penta based on their aura mechanics and type.

GAPS! If you have gaps in your Penta (meaning the gates or channels that are not filled in) you may experience a “sickness” or issues around these missing gates/channels. This doesn’t make anything wrong with the missing gaps, it will just show WHY certain issues may come up.

Staying open, surrendering, and following your Inner Authority in your business will always put you on the right path, bring in the right people, opportunities, and lessons to learn!

The WA (Large Groups 16+ People):

While small teams offer intimacy but lose the individuality of each person, the WA represents wider groups, corporations and communities.

When we shift into the WA, the individual is recognized in the tribe. That’s why, for some people The Penta might be something they struggle with, but larger groups might be where they excel. This was the case for Inessa.

In the video, Inessa has more WA activations in her chart and has the channel 25/51 known as The Shaman Channel, but in business it is called The Channel of Spirited Competition.

This channel is all about knowing what is going to pop in your industry and gives you the gifts of being on the leading edge of things.

We see this with Inessa as she is really popping with her story telling and incorporating her Feng Shui magic into one. This is also another superpower of Manifesting Generators, how they can blend 3-5 different aspects into one and blow us away!

If you have more WA activations, you may feel more comfortable in large group settings.

Here’s How to Navigate The WA Effectively:

Authentic Engagement: Be true to yourself in discussions and collaborations. Share your expertise and insights without forcing or manipulating. Remember, the authentic energy resonates most powerfully. See what channels or gates show up in in the WA circuitry (see picture below) and lean into your natural gifts and talents!

Strategic Visibility: Utilize larger platforms like webinars, guest appearances, or social media to amplify your voice. Inessa demonstrates this by connecting with her audience through online communities. This is also supported by her line 5 which in business is the messenger/marketer.

Finding Your Tribe: Within the vast WA, seek smaller groups that mirror your values and interests. These “tribes” offer a sense of belonging and support while tapping into the collective wisdom of the larger network.

*Bonus* The Profiles in Business

Our profile is SUPER IMPORTANT with how we show up in business and what leads us to our success, satisfaction, peace, and surprise.

If you are a line 4 and trying to market yourself in business, this MAY be incorrect for you and cutting off a huge natural energetic source you could lean into.

In the video above with Inessa, we see how she leans into her line 3, what her journey has been like through her trial and error.

How she was brought back to this point to dive into her WA gates and channels where three years prior she was called to stop and try something new! New as in getting married and having a baby💖

See picture below of the different lines and how they show up in business.


You don’t have to choose between the Penta and the WA. In fact, combining them is key! Use the Penta for deep collaboration in your core team and leverage the WA for broader reach and visibility.

The true magic lies in synthesizing your understanding of the Penta and WA with your unique energetic blueprint. Remember, these concepts offer frameworks, not rigid formulas.

Explore how they resonate with your individual strengths, challenges, and aspirations.

Human Design is an ongoing journey of exploration and self-discovery. As you dive deeper, you’ll unlock not just business blueprints, but pathways to greater self-awareness, fulfillment, and a thriving entrepreneurial spirit.

Embrace the journey, trust your intuition, and watch your unique magic unfold!

What gates and/or channels do you have active in the Penta and WA? How do you feel in small groups vs large ones? Could you relate to Inessa’s experience and share of being in small groups? Have any questions? We want to hear from you!

If you are ready to take on your Human Design in your business, let’s connect! You can email me at: [email protected] or set up a FREE 30-min consultation here!

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